AB421 Welcomes Clarity for Intended Parents in Nevada!

Hello Nevada Families looking to grow!

Did you know that this past June (2013) the passing of AB421 allows for pre-birth and post-birth orders for all intended parents: single, gay, straight, and with|out donors? This law went into effect on October 1st and brings clarity and safety to our Nevada families looking to grow.

A few more specifics about AB421 + our LGBTQ Families (Find more info: here and here):

  1. AB421 only applies to gestational surrogacy (where the surrogate is not genetically related to the child).
  2. Nevada does not allow same sex couples to marry and does not recognize marriages of same sex couples from other jurisdictions but does offer domestic partnerships recognition/rights.More info here: Lamda Legal.
  3. Under Nevada’s old law intended parents were defined narrowly as a married couple where genetic material was supplied by the two intended parents while the new law addresses domestic partnership specifically.
  4. AB421 makes compensation legal and offers instruction for obtaining pre-birth orders and post-birth orders.

Along with being excited for all of the new safety and options offered to our growing families in Nevada, The Surrogacy Source would also like to welcome our first Nevada gestational carrier!


We are so excited to welcome Carolyn to The Surrogacy Source team as she helps families on their pathway to parenthood! She is open to working with LGBTQ families, has insurance, and is willing to terminate/reduce.

Congratulations Nevada and welcome Carolyn!


Traci Medeiros-Bagan

Third Party Reproduction LGBT Coordinator

Traci’s academic background is in Gender Studies with a focus in Sexuality and her career background is in counseling and diversity education. She believes in the strength of families of choice and is passionate about offering affirming options for egg donation and/or surrogacy to the LGBT community looking to grow their families.