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‎Our Surrogacy Program in Texas

Our Surrogacy Program in Texas

We provide surrogacy services to people throughout Texas, from Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and all other communities throughout the Lone Star State.

Fertility Source Companies has been helping intended parents (IPs) find qualified surrogates for over 20 years. Whether you are a surrogate candidate hoping to be matched with an individual or couple, or an IP searching for a gestational surrogate who meets your specific needs and wants, we can help. Through our user-friendly online database, you can access dozens of surrogate profiles to quickly find the right person.

“Thanks so much for your help on things. You rock. I appreciate all you have been doing for this process”

— G. C.

Finding a Surrogate in Texas

Fertility Source Companies provides an expert team of professionals to support and assist you throughout your family planning journey. Whether you need help with your initial application, screening surrogates, or selecting a surrogate, our team is available to help you every step of the way.

Surrogacy Laws in Texas

A gestational surrogate is a person who carries a pregnancy and gives birth to a child for someone else; this person is not the biological parent of the baby. A surrogacy contract dictates who the legal parent/s are.  Surrogacy laws are mandated by each state; they are often very complex and vary from one state to another. 

Gestational surrogacy is legal in Texas. During the gestational surrogacy process, a contract is drawn up to allow IPs to receive legal parental rights over a child who is born through surrogacy. The IPs have a legal right to enter into a contract with the surrogate and to have the court officiate the agreement. In Texas, health insurance providers are mandated to cover some of the cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Because of the legal complexities involved in surrogacy contracts, Fertility Source Companies helps IPs and surrogates consult with licensed fertility attorneys in Texas. While we cannot provide legal advice, we can help you find the right legal resources to assist you in navigating the legal complexities of contracting with a gestational carrier in Texas.

Surrogate Costs & Fees in Texas

An agency fee of $30,000, paid in installments at certain milestones, is required to start your surrogacy journey at Fertility Source Companies. There is an additional $50,000 required for surrogacy pay (i.e., base surrogate pay), as well as several other costs. Typically, the total cost is between $100,000 and $125,000. Learn more about surrogate costs and fees.

How Surrogates Are Screened in Texas

Potential gestational surrogates are screened by the team at Fertility Source Companies. We do everything possible to ensure our surrogates are well-qualified and ready for the commitment. Our on-staff RN reviews past pregnancies, ensuring there were no complications; mental health and medical providers conduct psychiatric and medical tests. The screening process also includes a criminal background check and partner screenings. Moreover, we evaluate the potential surrogate's commitment level and assess their family interactions to ensure your baby develops in a stable environment.

Surrogacy FAQs for Intended Parents

Find a Surrogate
in Texas

Become a Surrogate in Texas

A gestational surrogate, sometimes referred to as a gestational carrier, carries a pregnancy for an individual or a couple (i.e., IPs) who are unable to conceive. Becoming a surrogate in Texas has been described as one of the most rewarding experiences in life. In addition to the many personal rewards, there are many other benefits involved when becoming a surrogate.

Why Become a Surrogate in Texas

A surrogacy experience is widely regarded as one of life's most rewarding endeavors. Often, intended parents and gestational surrogates share a special bond; in many instances, their friendships last a lifetime. Additionally, there are many other benefits of helping a couple struggling with infertility, including reimbursement for living expenses, and an exceptionally generous surrogate pay.

Surrogate Requirements in Texas

Before a person is accepted as a gestational surrogate, specific requirements must be met. Surrogate requirements in Texas include:

  • An age requirement of between the ages 21 and 43
  • An extensive one-on-one assessment 
  • Passing an extensive mental health and physical screening
  • A history of at least one healthy pregnancy
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Exceptional physical and mental health history
  • A healthy BMI (i.e., body mass index/height to weight ratio)
  • A stable home environment
  • An unremarkable criminal background
  • Reliable transportation

The Surrogacy Process

There are many steps involved in getting approved to be entered into Fertility Source Companies’ database, such as a surrogacy candidate application, medical records submission, background checks, and mental and physical health screenings. Once you are entered into the database, a virtual meeting may result in a match with the intended parents. After the match, there are several additional steps involved in the surrogacy process, including:

  • The IPs fertility clinic performs a comprehensive physical examination
  • Signing the surrogacy agreement with an attorney
  • Taking a series of hormonal medications in preparation for pregnancy
  • Undergoing the embryo transfer procedure
  • Testing for pregnancy and getting an ultrasound
  • Pregnancy visits and delivery with your OB healthcare provider

At first glance, the surrogacy process may seem overwhelming, but our team of highly trained, caring professionals at Fertility Source Companies will assist you during each step of the journey. Find out more about the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Pay & Compensation in Texas

A surrogate in Texas receives $50,000 for their time, effort, and living expenses. Once the fetal heartbeat confirms pregnancy, compensation is paid in monthly installments. There are many additional monetary benefits, such as medical expense coverage,  a stipend for maternity clothes, and more. Learn more about surrogate compensation and pay.

Apply to Become a Surrogate in Texas

Are you ready to become a surrogate? We’ve worked with surrogates from all over Texas, including but not limited to, Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Start your surrogacy journey and apply today!

Become a Surrogate in Texas

Surrogate FAQs

Our Partner Clinics in Texas

Fertility Source Companies partners with many fertility clinics across Texas, including in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and beyond. You’ll find the contact information and website addresses of each of our partner clinics in Texas listed below. 

CCRM Houston Fertility Clinic
929 Gessner Road Suite 2300
Houston, TX 77024
Ph: 713-465-1211
Fx: 713-550-1475

Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates
5477 Glen Lakes Drive Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75231
Ph: 214-363-0639
Fx: 214-363-0639

Dallas IVF
2840 Legacy Drive
Building 1, Suite 100
Frisco, TX 75034
Ph: 214-297-0020
Fx: 214-297-0025

Fertility Center of San Antonio
7707 Ewing Halsell Dr., Suite 103
San Antonio, TX 78229
Ph: 210-692-0577
Fx: 210-692-1210
E-mail: [email protected]

Fort Worth Fertility
1800 Mistletoe Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Ph: 817-348-8145
Fx: 817-348-8264
E-mail: [email protected]

IVF Plano
6300 West Parker Road Suite G28
Plano, TX 75093
Ph: 972-612-2500
Fx: 972-612-9601

Aspire Fertility
150 E Sonterra Blvd Suite 220
San Antonio, TX 78258
Ph: 210-941-2866

Texas Fertility Center – Austin
6500 Mopac, Building 1 Suite 1200
Austin, TX 78731
Ph: 512-451-0149
Fx: 512-451-0977

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