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Fertility Source Companies™

Fertility Source Companies™ is leading the egg donation and surrogacy industry to new heights through a multi-faceted approach to service and care.

Egg Donation Testimonials

We are proud of the work that we do at The Donor Source, and nothing makes us happier than getting positive feedback from our clients & friends! Contact us to share your story.

"Speaking from the viewpoint of an intended parent, I recommend Donor Source based on the quality and level of communication I had when looking for a donor… they have one of the best websites and databases out there, and my experience would suggest they would be good partners to have through a very complicated/difficult process."
– Intended Parent

"First US in the books. :) Baby's HR 133. If you talk to our donor, please tell her thank you! I hope she is excited that all her hard work paid off. We are so grateful! And thank you again to you and your company. You have been easy to work with, professional, and just a blessing!"
– IP from NC

"Thank you April. We (at Reproductive Fertility Center) also value your hard work on behalf of our patients.
We all know how much it takes for a patient to go through this process and it helps to have a caring and diligent agency/staff to refer to."
– "Practice Administrator" Reproductive Fertility Center, Irvine CA

"We found your website to be THE most user-friendly and informative one which we have navigated till date, with info going back two generations, multiple photos, and very detailed biographics - we hope others will up their game too, thereby benefitting ED seekers like us. Congratulations!"
- D.G., Intended Parent

"Also, I just want to take a moment to thank you for all your help, support, and fast replies this past month, I really couldn’t have imagined a smoother process if it wasn’t for you!"
- S.K., Egg Donor

"I realize I was not the easiest to work with and I just want to extend my gratitude to you for advocating for me continuously throughout this process."
- B.P., Egg Donor

"Thank you very much Arika, we are very excited and looking forward to expanding our family. You have been a blessing working with your team. We look forward to giving you the great news!"
- S.H, Intended Parent

"Hello Arika, Thank you again for providing such a wonderful experience to both of us and to the donor. My wife and I greatly enjoyed working with you. You have been extremely prompt in all communications and have been genuinely sincere in making sure all things were considered with appropriate passion. We again thank the donor for her wonderful gift. I personally seeing my wife going through this excruciating painful process of getting the shots and medications realize how much similar pain the donor also has gone through to make us happy. This is above and beyond any simple charitable action, this is humanity. We are personally moved by the donor's courage and her mental strength in taking such a strong move. Please convey our sincere thanks to her."
- M & S, Intended Parent

"I rate Donna and The Donor Source a 10! When I first started researching Donor Agencies, I was very careful to make sure that I was working with someone who made me comfortable. The Donor Source and Donna have been overwhelming kind and understanding as well as making sure I knew exactly what was going on. I am very glad to say that I have done two donor cycles and ready for another! Thank you!"
- L.R., Intended Parent

"I rate The Donor Source a 10! My experience was wonderful. I really felt like they had my best intentions at heart. Even when my cycle ran into a few complications- we always worked it out! Life happens, and something's will always be out of our control, but knowing I had a good support system really made a huge difference."
- E.A., Egg Donor

"The process was easy. My case manager was always informative and great to talk to."
- S.C., Egg Donor

"Thanks Missi, I would like to add that working with you has been such a pleasure ~ you are a true professional with an amazing "grace" to support this emotionally powerful decision and process. :)"
- L.R., Intended Parent

"You’ve been a joy to work with. I am so grateful."
- Intended Parent

"Donna, thanks again for your help with handling this so quickly while you were attending your conference! Your professionalism, courtesy, and helpful attitude is so appreciated! I feel lucky that we were connected with you and with The Donor Source."
- C & J , Intended Parent

"As for The Donor Source: We won't be needing your services again... But only because our family is now complete and we are most contentedly counting our blessings. Your services were worth every penny: you made a medically complex, logistically challenging, emotionally charged endeavor go as smoothly as possible. Could we have gone cheaper? Certainly. Could we have found better than The Donor Source? No chance. I'm sure you have plenty of testimonials, but if you ever need another, please call us."
- TE, Intended Parent

"I've already shared my wonderful experiences with Donor Source with numberous people already. And I believe a couple have signed up with Donor Source. =)"
- SM, Egg Donor

"The Donor Source made the whole donation process easy and enjoyable. I feel grateful to have been able to aid a couple in their desire to have a child. Renee answered any questions that I had in a prompt and friendly manner. Thank you Donor Source!"
- LC, Egg Donor

"My wife and I are Donor Source customers. We have been working with Donna Raidy for the past 6 months and we have been thoroughly impressed. . We have had many roadblocks along our journey towards obtaining a suitable donor and Donna keeps knocking them down. We live in the Chicago area and were initially concerned about the long distance. Donna made it feel like she was right here in Chicago though.

Our original donor with the Donor Source ended up discontinuing the process and we had opportunities to go elsewhere for suitable donors. We felt so comfortable with Donna that we decided to stick with her. We are now so thankful we followed our instincts. Donna found us an even better donor, drove a total of 12 hours to deliver prescription medication to our donor, allowed me to save over a thousand dollars by using my travel/hotel privileges towards the donor's travel (privacy issues were maintained), did not add additional fees/expenses to her original agency fee and always returned phone calls/emails/texts promptly with answers to my questions.

I wish I could do more to return the favor she has done for us. Donna has gone above and beyond what the Donor Source owed us as customers. My wife and I thank her from the bottom of our hearts!"
- BH & JH, Intended Parents

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything these past seven months! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I would recommend The Donor Source to anyone interested in becoming a donor (or a recipient!). Best wishes to you and my intended family!”
– Anonymous, Egg Donor

"Missi, you have done an absolutely fantastic job as our agency coordinator and if you ever need any testimonials I am a VERY BIG FAN!! Of you and of The Donor Source. You went way above the call of duty and I appreciate it enormously."
– B.M., Intended Parent

"I've decided to go with The Donor Source above the other donor agency that I had been communicating with… the professionalism and reputation of The Donor Source stand out above all of the other agencies in which I have applied."
– Anonymous, Egg Donor

"We hear great things about TDS all the time :) Nothing is more effective that positive feedback. I have to tell you, The Donor Source is the ONLY agency in the entire time I have been doing this that hasn't had a complaint. And I have followed thousands of cycles from thousands of different women in the past several years. Great job!"
– Marna Gatlin, Founder, Parents Via Egg Donation Organization

"Donating was an exciting and rewarding experience. Missi was very helpful and always available to answer my questions. (As a1st time donor, I had many questions). The traveling went smoothly and the procedure was easy and quick. The Donor Source is a very kind and caring company to donate for."
– Anonymous, Egg Donor

"I too used The Donor Source and would recommend them. I can only speak as to my main contact but she was amazingly responsive and also helpful when we hit a bit of a snag. I also liked that they had a couple of donors which we would have been happy with so that if donor #1 fell through after paying the admin fees, we had other donors at The Donor Source to look at."
– Anonymous, Intended Parent

"It puts me at ease to know that The Donor Source is so prompt with communications and accommodating to their potential donors."
– Anonymous, Egg Donor

"Thank you so much for all of the updates (Arika)! We're starting to get really excited that everything is coming together. I just want to compliment you for how on top of everything you are, it's super impressive and appreciated for someone going through this. Look forward to next steps!"
– D., Intended Parent

"Arika, you have made a potentially stressful process so easy for us and we are sooooo thankful. I posted something on the Resolve message boards about what a wonderful experience I'm having with The Donor Source and that you've earned every penny of your fee and then some, like a thousand times over. I cannot wait to write a GLOWING letter of commendation… You are ever so efficient! What would I do without you?"
– S.F., Intended Parent

"Thank you, Arika. You and The Donor Source have been easy to work with."

- W.R., Intended Parent

"I really appreciate your kind words and all of your help throughout this process."

- N.A., Intended Parent