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Looking for a Donor

The Donor Source™ we believe the best possible experience starts with informed and educated patients. 

Find an Egg Donor – Browse Our Egg Donor Database

Fertility Source Companies is one of the largest national egg donation agencies in the United States. In addition to our available donors, potential donors are continuously going through the application process. This ensures a constant stream of new donors featured in our egg donor database. Our egg donors undergo a rigorous intake process before being accepted into our roster. Details about each egg donor in our database include:

  • Images (current and childhood photos of donors)
  • Profiles (with video questions and answers available for most donors)
  • Geographic location
  • Age, height, and weight
  • Race / ethnic background
  • Eye and hair color
  • Education level
  • Repeat donor status

The Egg Donor Screening Process

Donors must pass a rigorous selection process, which includes:  

  • Physical exam and medical testing 
  • Medical history
  • Lifestyle assessment 
  • Mental health screening (e.g., psychological testing) – for matched donors only
  • Genetic testing – to ensure the donor is not a carrier of genetic disorders (for matched donors)
  • Personality profile – open-ended questions to provide insight into a donor's personality; most donors offer a video for IPs to view
  • Commitment level evaluation 
  • Background check 
  • Fertility evaluation
  • Partner screening – to evaluate the donor’s sexual partner (if required by the fertility center)

What are Some Tips for Choosing an Egg Donor?

Selecting an egg donor is like learning a foreign language for many new IPs. Keep in mind that Fertility Source Companies will help you during every step of your journey. Below are some tips on the egg donor selection process.

Tip #1. Make a list, prioritizing the qualities that are most important to you and for couples, your partner.

Tip #2. Consider physical appearance. If physical appearance is one of your top priorities, as it is with many IPs, make a list of familial character traits. For example, you may list “brown eyes, dark, curly hair, and light brown skin tone.” If physical traits are not important to you, you will have a much larger pool of possible donors to select from.

Tip #3. Carefully examine each potential donor’s medical history and consider how the donor’s medical history may conflict with your family’s genetic profile; some genetic traits make certain donors more compatible. It may be wise to get a preconception screening from a genomics company to identify the combined parental risk of passing on certain genetic disorders. 

Tip #4.  Examine the donor profiles of those that match your top priorities (e.g., build, eye, hair, and skin color). Try to gain a sense of the donor’s personality by paying attention to how open-ended questions are answered. Many donors offer a video to provide a higher level of understanding of personality traits. Choose a donor you feel is highly relatable, one that you feel you could befriend.  

Tip #5. Consider a repeat donor. An egg donor who has already succeeded in undergoing the challenges of donating an egg has proven she has what it takes to complete the process. But remember, all repeat donors were once first-time donors. If you find that perfect fit with a first-time donor, Fertility Source Companies will be there to guide you both through your journeys.

Preview of Our Egg Donor Database

Start your egg donation journey now by taking a look at a preview of our egg donor database. We welcome you to search our existing list of available egg donors. To view full donor profiles and photos and become a recipient, connect with Fertility Source Companies to get full access to our egg donor database.

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