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Our Surrogacy Program in Massachusetts

We proudly serve Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Nantucket, and beyond.

At Fertility Source Companies, we provide intended parents (IPs) and gestational surrogates throughout Massachusetts with outstanding opportunities for a rewarding surrogacy journey. We provide IPs with unlimited access to our user-friendly online database, allowing you to view potential surrogate profiles and form connections with the ideal candidate, quickly and efficiently.

“Thanks so much for your help on things. You rock. I appreciate all you have been doing for this process”

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Finding a Surrogate in Massachusetts

A gestational carrier, also known as a surrogate, is someone who agrees to carry a pregnancy for an individual or couple, the intended parents (IPs). In our history, Fertility Source Companies has worked with more than 4,500 U.S. and international IPs to locate amazing surrogates and grow their families.

Surrogacy Laws in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a surrogacy-friendly state, with no specific laws or regulations in place. As such, the courts generally have a favorable attitude toward surrogacy arrangements and legal proceedings. As long as surrogacy contracts are created by attorneys with reproductive law experience, they’re considered valid and enforceable. These attorneys establish the rights, responsibilities, compensation, contact expectations, and birth plans between IPs and gestational surrogates.

Massachusetts Surrogate Costs & Fees

In Massachusetts, the total cost of surrogacy generally ranges from $100,000 to $125,000. This amount includes an initial agency fee of $28,000, paid in installments, and a base surrogacy fee of $50,000. Beyond these payments, the surrogate is reimbursed for living expenses by the IPs. These include a monthly allowance of $350, an embryo transfer fee, a maternity clothing fee, and other miscellaneous expenses. You can find out more details about the breakdown of surrogacy costs and fees.

How Surrogates Are Screened in Massachusetts

At Fertility Source Companies, Massachusetts surrogate candidates must undergo stringent screenings, ensuring prospective surrogates are qualified to complete each of the journey’s steps. To evaluate physical and mental health, multiple screenings are involved. Among these are medical tests, including a sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening, drug and Hepatitis tests, and a pelvic exam. A background check and psychological evaluation, as performed by mental health professionals, are also conducted. Our staff registered nurse (RN) also reviews past pregnancies to determine no complications were present.

Surrogacy FAQs for Intended Parents

Find a Surrogate
In Massachusetts

Become a Surrogate in Massachusetts

We thank you for considering becoming a Massachusetts surrogate. We invite you to explore this comprehensive guide and learn how you can dramatically change the lives of hopeful parents.

Why Become a Surrogate in Massachusetts

Becoming a surrogate is a selfless act, providing you with the chance to make a unique difference in the lives of others by helping them achieve their parenthood goals. Beyond making this heartfelt impact, gestational surrogates are well-compensated financially and reimbursed for expenses incurred.

Surrogate Requirements in Massachusetts

You’ll find that at Fertility Source Companies, health and wellness are key to our surrogacy program. As such, all Massachusetts candidates must meet stringent surrogate requirements, designed to ensure their safety, as well as that of the babies and the intended parents. Among these are:

  • Being between the ages of 21 and 43
  • Having had at least one healthy pregnancy, but no more than five past live births or three C-sections
  • Being a U.S. citizen or having the legal right to work in the U.S.
  • Not relying on federal or state assistance
  • Being a non-smoker and non-drug user
  • An excellent history of physical and mental health
  • A stable home environment
  • Having dependable transportation 
  • Passing physical and mental health screenings
  • Passing a criminal background check

The Surrogacy Process

To be eligible as a Fertility Source Companies surrogacy candidate, you must first submit an application. You’ll also have to provide medical records, and undergo background checks, and mental and physical health screenings, to be accepted into our database. Once registered, you will then be matched with the IPs, via a virtual meeting. After you’ve matched with the IPs, the surrogacy process requires several additional steps to be completed. Among these are:

  • Undergoing an extensive physical examination by the IP’s selected fertility specialist
  • Signing a surrogacy agreement with an attorney
  • Self-injecting yourself with a series of hormonal medications to prepare for pregnancy
  • Undergoing the embryo transfer procedure
  •  Submitting to multiple ultrasounds and blood tests to confirm pregnancy
  • Meeting with your local obstetrician (OB), a physician who treats women and their babies during pregnancy and childbirth, for regular pregnancy visits and delivery

We understand that initially, the surrogacy process may seem overwhelming. Rest assured that  the Fertility Source Companies team will help you throughout your journey. Many of our staff members have themselves been surrogates, and being familiar with the process, they’ll provide next-level, relevant support. Explore the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Pay & Compensation in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, surrogates can expect to make about $50,000 for their base pay. This amount accounts for their incurred expenses and compensates them for their time and effort. Please be aware that compensation begins once the fetal heart rate is identified and is disbursed over time in installments. Base pay aside, you’ll also be compensated for any other out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical needs, maternity clothes, or travel. Find out more about surrogate compensation and pay.

Apply to Become a Surrogate in Massachusetts

Are you ready to become a surrogate? We’ve worked with surrogates throughout Massachusetts, including Boston, Worcester, Springfield, and Nantucket. Apply today and let your surrogacy journey begin!

Become a Surrogate in Massachusetts

Surrogate FAQs

Our Partner Clinics in Massachusetts

Fertility Source Companies proudly partners with multiple fertility clinics throughout Massachusetts, including in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Nantucket, and beyond. Below, the contact information and website addresses for each of our partner clinics in Massachusetts are provided.

Brigham & Women’s Center for Reproductive Medicine
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115
Ph: 617-732-4222

Fertility Center of New England
20 Pondmeadow Drive Suite 101
Reading, MA 01867
Ph: 781-942-7000
Fx: 781-942-7200

Massachusetts General Hospital IVF
32 Fruit Street Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care Suite 10A
Boston, MA 02114
Ph: 617-726-8868
Fx: 617-724-8882

Boston IVF
130 Second Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph: 781-434-6500
Fx: 781-434-6447

CCRM Boston
300 Boylston Street
Suite 300
Newton, MA 02459
Phone: 617-449-9750

Fertility Solutions
45 Stergis Way
Dedham, MA 02026
Phone: 781-326-2451

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