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Egg Donor Pay & Compensation

The Donor Source is dedicated to providing optimal financial compensation to egg donors in our program. You are a very important part of a life-changing process and it is important that you are fully compensated for your time, effort, dedication, inconvenience and expenses in this remarkable role. It is our hope that you are able to realize opportunities for yourself upon becoming an egg donor and giving the gift of a family to intended parents. Many of our egg donors pursue their dreams and new endeavors using their compensation. Some continue to pursue their education, pay off student loans, travel, fund their own business, or assist in buying a home.

How much do egg donors get paid?

At The Donor Source, our first-time egg donors receive a base compensation of $8,000 with some exceptions for qualities that are in high demand. Repeat egg donors typically see an increase of $500 – $1,000 after each donation. It is industry standard set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine that egg donors can donate up to six times.

Compensation covers the inconveniences of being an egg donor, such as frequent doctor appointments and administering self-injections. Egg donors earn compensation on the day of egg retrieval when all obligations have been fulfilled. The number of eggs retrieved, or pregnancy outcome, does not effect a donor’s compensation. Additional compensation is as follows:

  • Mileage is reimbursed for local donor cycles
  • All travel expenses are paid for out-of-state cycles, including the expenses to bring a friend/companion to travel with you
  • All appointments, medications, and medical expenses are paid for by the intended parents. As an egg donor you will not be asked for payment or to show insurance information.

Egg donation is an altruistic act and for many of our donors, the compensation is not the main motivation but rather helping intended parents who long for a family.

At The Donor Source, we believe in the importance of being rewarded for your generous efforts, and it is our priority to ensure that your needs are met. If you have any questions about compensation paid to egg donors, please contact us at 877-375-8888.

Refer a friend!

You can earn a $100 referral bonus by referring an egg donor! When she is matched with intended parents, you earn $100!