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Our Surrogacy Program in Northern California

In Northern California, we work with surrogates in many local communities, including San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, Stockton, and more.

At Fertility Source Companies, our goal as a surrogacy agency is to facilitate a straightforward and positive experience so that you can focus on the most important part – the birth of your child. From the very beginning, we get to know both our intended parents and surrogates closely so that we can find a great match. Surrogates are thoroughly screened before being accepted into our program, assuring that whoever you match with will be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the journey.

“Thanks so much for your help on things. You rock. I appreciate all you have been doing for this process”

— G. C.

Finding a Surrogate in Northern California

Helping you find a surrogate is just one of the many ways in which we help guide the process. Our case managers play an instrumental role in all aspects of the surrogacy journey, including coordinating medical appointments, acting as an advocate for both you and your surrogate, referring to reproductive attorneys, and providing emotional support.

Surrogacy Laws in Northern California

The state of California is known for some of the most progressive surrogacy laws in the nation, making it one of the most popular destinations for intended parents across the US and abroad. The surrogacy laws in Northern California protect the rights of intended parents and surrogates alike and make it simple for parentage to be established for children born through surrogacy.

Surrogate Costs & Fees in Northern California

The cost of using a surrogate can vary depending on a wide range of factors. Generally speaking, surrogacy costs include surrogacy agency fees, base pay for the surrogate, monthly miscellaneous expenses, medical expenses, insurance, attorney fees, and other sundries. In Northern California, the base pay for surrogates is $60,000. 

Learn more about surrogacy costs and fees.

How Surrogates Are Screened in Northern California

At Fertility Source Companies, we screen our surrogates in Northern California and beyond following the strict standards set forth by the assisted reproductive community. For surrogates, the screening process includes a comprehensive psychological assessment, complete medical examination, extensive laboratory testing, background check, and personal history assessment.

Surrogacy FAQs for Intended Parents

Find a Surrogate
In Northern California

Become a Surrogate in Northern California

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate in Northern California, welcome! Becoming a surrogate is one of the most unique and powerful experiences a person can have and we at Fertility Source Companies are committed to ensuring you have a smooth journey every step of the way. Whether you’re from San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, or elsewhere in Northern California, know that you’re in great hands.

Why Become a Surrogate in Northern California

The main motivation that drives women to become surrogates is the desire to help someone else achieve one of the greatest joys in life – becoming a parent. Surrogates are people who have already had children of their own and know firsthand how beautiful being a parent is. They are driven to share that joy with those who are unable to accomplish it without help. On top of that, surrogates are also compensated generously for the time and effort they devote to the process, especially in areas where surrogates are in high demand, such as Northern California.

Surrogate Requirements in Northern California

At Fertility Source Companies, our requirements for surrogates in Northern California (and all of the US) are in accordance with the recommended standards set forth by the assisted reproduction community. The most important of these requirements include:

  • Being between the ages of 21 to 43 years old
  • Having delivered at least one child that is currently being raised by the surrogate candidate
  • Having a history of past pregnancies without complications
  • Being in good overall health (e.g., being a non-smoker, having a healthy BMI, etc.)

Learn more about surrogate requirements.

The Surrogacy Process

For surrogates, the process begins with filling out an application, which is sent to one of our surrogacy coordinators upon completion. The application is then carefully reviewed to assess whether the surrogacy candidate is eligible for our program. Once approved, we then will request your pregnancy records and connect with you directly on the phone to go into your application in greater detail. After passing the entire application process, the next part is the screening and testing processes, in which we conduct a thorough accounting of your mental health, your household, and your social history. 

Once you have cleared the screening process, we will add you to our database and the process of finding intended parents for you to match with. When an intended parent shows interest in your profile, we will arrange a meeting between you and them. During this meeting, you will both discuss some of the key aspects of the surrogacy arrangement to see if you’re all on the same page. Once you make a successful match, we will schedule you for a complete physical evaluation at the intended parent’s fertility clinic of choice. We will also begin guiding you through the legal process.

After all of these details have been established, it’s time for the surrogate pregnancy cycle. Surrogates are impregnated via in vitro fertilization (IVF) using an embryo created from the intended parents' eggs and sperm or those of a donor. The surrogate is not genetically related to the baby. From there, you will carry the baby for nine beautiful months before delivering the baby and giving it to the intended parents.

Learn more about the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Pay & Compensation in Northern California

Surrogates play an instrumental role in helping others become parents and it’s only right that they are financially compensated for the amazing gift they give. Surrogate compensation varies on many factors, including whether or not you’ve been a surrogate before). At Fertility Source Companies, surrogates in Northern California are compensated with a base fee of $55,000.

See the full breakdown of surrogate compensation and pay.

Apply to Become a Surrogate in Northern California

Whether you’re from San Francisco, Sacramento, Palo Alto, or anywhere else in Northern California, Fertility Source Companies can help you navigate the process of becoming a surrogate.

Become a Surrogate in Northern California

Surrogate FAQs

Our Partner Clinics in Northern California

Below is a list of the partner clinics we work with in Northern California. To learn more about their specific egg donor and surrogacy processes, visit their websites or contact them directly.

If you don’t see your clinic listed here, please contact us and we can make appropriate arrangements with you.

Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD
5401 Norris Canyon Rd. Suite 106
San Ramon, CA 94583
Ph: 925-277-0600
Fx: 925-277-0801

Advanced Fertility Associates Medical Group
4690 Hoen Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Ph: 707-575-5831
Fx: 707-575-4379
E-mail: [email protected]

Kaiser Fremont
39141 Civic Center Dr. Suite 350
Fremont, CA 94538
Ph: 510-248-6900
Fx: 510-248-6966

California IVF Fertility Center
2590 Venture Oaks Way Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95833
Ph: 530-771-0177
Fx: 530-771-0135
E-mail: [email protected]

Laurel Fertility Care
1700 California Street Suite 570
San Francisco, CA 94109
Ph: 415-673-9199
Fx: 415-673-8796

Kaiser Sacramento
Point West Medical Office Building
1650 Response Road, Suite 1A
Sacramento, CA 95815
Ph: 916-614-5200
Fx: 916-614-5115

Marin Fertility Center
1100 S. Eliseo Drive, Suite 107
Greenbrae, CA 94904
Ph: 415-925-9404
Fx: 415-925-9410

Pacific Fertility Center
55 Francisco Street Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94133
Ph: 415-834-3000

Nova IVF
2500 Hospital Dr. Building 7
Mountain View, CA 94040
Ph: 650-325-6682
Fx: 650-887-1600
E-mail: [email protected]

Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area
100 Park Place Suite 200
San Ramon, CA 94583
Ph: 925-867-1800
Fx: 925-973-5064

Palo Alto Medical Foundation
2581 Samaritan Drive Suite 302
San Jose, CA 95124
Ph: 925-452-4711
Fx: 925-901-1481

Stanford Fertility
1195 West Fremont Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Ph: 650-498-7911
Fx: 669-233-2888

Spring Fertility
1 Daniel Burnham Court Suite 110C
San Francisco, CA 94109
Ph: 415-964-5618

1681 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Ph: 650-847-1900
Fx: 650-322-5404

UCSF Medical Center
499 Illinois St, 6th floor
San Francisco, CA 94115
Ph: 415-353-7475
Fx: 415-353-7744

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