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Choosing an Egg Donor

Selecting an egg donor is one of the hardest decisions you will ever face. With so many different factors to consider during the donor selection process, it is important to think about what qualities mean the most to you and your partner. At The Donor Source we’ve gathered our best, time-tested advice to help you begin the donor selection process. Below are some important considerations when choosing an egg donor:

Concern About Anonymity

From its infancy to a relatively short time ago, third party reproduction was a taboo subject and not many people talked openly about it. A completely anonymous donation was the norm and accepted by everyone involved. Now, more is known about the importance of a donor-conceived person’s need for access to their full genetic identity. Coupled with technological advances such as at-home DNA test kits, being anonymous is a thing of the past.

At The Donor Source, we take the views of anonymity for Intended Parents and Egg Donors into account when helping find the best match. There are many different ways to facilitate communication and we are here to support both our Egg Donors and Intended Parents based on their wants and needs.

Physical Appearance

One of the most important donor considerations for many couples or individuals, is physical appearance. If everyone in your family has blue eyes, tan skin and brown hair, then finding those qualities in a donor may be very important to you. If appearance is not a major concern, your options will be much broader. We supply both current and childhood photos to help when physical appearance is important.

Medical History

When reviewing donor profiles it is crucial to evaluate their medical history carefully. How does the donor’s medical history combine with your own family’s history? Certain factors in a male’s medical history make some donors more compatible than others due to the autosomal recessive nature of genetic diseases and disorders.

Donor Personality

When you’re looking through donor profiles, try to gain a sense of the donor’s personality. How the donor answers open-ended questions can give you insight into what is important to her. At The Donor Source, many donor profiles offer a video of the donor so you can get a better sense of her personality. We recommend choosing a donor that you can relate to or feel that you could be friends with.

Advantages of Repeat Donors

Repeat Donors are women who have gone through the egg donation process previously.  Matching with an experienced donor can be reassuring to intended parents because the donor now has a track record of responding well to the stimulation medications as well as truly understanding all that is involved in a donation cycle.  Remember that all repeat donors were once first-time donors and matching with a repeat donor does not necessarily guarantee success.

Location of Donor

Once the donor search has been narrowed down to a select few candidates, location becomes an important consideration. At The Donor Source we have egg donors and case managers located throughout the nation in order to provide everyone with the best opportunities possible. If you are on a strict budget we recommend searching for local donors first to keep travel costs low. You can always expand your search to surrounding states if needed.

Dealing with Stress

Remember that it’s OK to be emotional during this process. Struggling with infertility is a challenging experience and the donor selection process can be stressful. At The Donor Source our Case Managers are highly trained to help you reach your goals and find an excellent donor with compassionate, attentive care. If you have any questions or concerns, know that we are always here to listen. You may contact us at any time!

Follow Your Instincts

At The Donor Source we have an extensive database filled with donors that want to help a loving couple or individual become parents. When looking at donor profile after profile, it can be easy to get caught up in finding someone that matches everything on your checklist. Try not to focus too much on one specific trait. Whether that includes height, eye color, ethnicity, Ivy League schools, or additional characteristics. Parents who loosely follow their checklist and select a donor ‘that feels just right’ are typically the happiest in the long run. It is important to feel a connection to your donor!

How to Get Started

To start the donor selection process, sign up for access to our egg donation database. An easy way to start your search is to find a group of donors that meet the physical characteristics of your family. Then candidates can be narrowed down by medical history, donor personality, location, proven donors or more. At the end of the day, everyone’s selection process is unique. There’s no right or wrong way to choose your donor! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!