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Our Surrogacy Program

The benefits to becoming a gestational surrogate are that you are actually changing the lives of another couple or individual forever.

Become a Surrogate

When you become a gestational surrogate, you have the chance to become someone’s hero. This is an opportunity to actually change the lives of a couple or individual forever, while earning up to $75,000 in compensation and expense reimbursement. The Surrogacy Source™ offers the best surrogacy agency experience possible, placing health and wellness at the center of our program.

To qualify for surrogacy, you must be a female between the ages of 21-43 who has delivered one or more children you are currently raising.

"They really showed they cared about who I was as a person, how I was handling the stress, how my relationship with the parents were, etc and that let me know I had chosen the right agency to go with. I got the support I needed every step of the way and were always available for questions."

Surrogate A.K.

Reasons to Become a Surrogate

Across communities and circumstances, surrogates can offer pathways to parenthood. 

There are many people who need the life-changing assistance of a surrogate to grow their families, including couples struggling with infertility issues, LGBTQ+ couples, or individuals with the biological inability to carry a pregnancy. 

Surrogacy is also a remarkable opportunity to plan for your own future and improve your financial security. As part of our effort to offer comprehensive support, The Surrogacy Source™ even offers complimentary financial coaching for your compensation and household finances.

Why Surrogates Choose The Surrogacy Source™ 

The Surrogacy Source is a unique physician-owned agency, featuring experienced case managers and psychological support. Investment in surrogate wellness is central to our program, and we pride ourselves on offering equal support to intended parents and surrogates throughout the process.  

We also have first-hand experience — most of our team members are former surrogate mothers and have the insight and enthusiasm necessary to make this journey as enjoyable as possible for you. We look out for your health and financial security from day one through delivery.

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid?

For such a remarkable and life-changing process, gestational surrogates deserve optimal compensation. We are fully transparent about our fees, offering a state-by-state and experience breakdown, as well as the compensation for different services, procedures, and general pregnancy needs. 

Learn more about compensation.

Our Surrogacy Process

On a journey so meaningful, empowering, and life-changing, it’s important to understand each step before proceeding. The process of becoming a gestational surrogate is broken down into four core parts:

  • Application
  • Screening and Testing
  • Selection and Matching
  • Pregnancy and Delivery

Learn more about each component, and start your application if this seems like a good fit.

Apply to Be a Surrogate

For potential surrogates, the process begins with completing an application that asks questions regarding your social, sexual, and family history. Use the Save & Next button at the bottom of each section to save your progress. You can log in at your convenience to pick up where you left off as needed.

If you are not ready to begin an application, please read more about our surrogacy program first. If you have questions, you can call 877-375-8888 or send an email to [email protected] as well. You can also read our FAQs or more insight into the process.

We look forward to working with you!