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Our Surrogacy Agency Services

The Surrogacy Source is here to provide you with the highest level of professionalism and experience through our surrogacy services. We are dedicated to handling your surrogate journey with compassion and personal care. We will first match you with a suitable gestational surrogate to carry your baby, then, guide you through all steps you need to get to parenthood. Our goal is to make this the happiest time of your life.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Interviewing / Approving each surrogate
  • Screening each surrogate BEFORE she is accepted into our program, based on extensive surrogate requirements
  • Review of full pregnancy records by our RN for each surrogate
  • Consultation for every surrogate with a maternal fetal medical specialist to evaluate past pregnancies as well as any potential risks for your pregnancy
  • Matching you with the most suitable surrogate based on your preferences
  • Coordinating with insurance professionals to obtain medical and life insurance
  • Assisting your surrogate with any travel arrangements if required
  • Assisting both parties with obtaining medical and life insurance
  • Referring you and your surrogate to attorneys for legal contracts / parental rights
  • Coordinating all medical appointments with you, your surrogate and IVF clinic
  • Managing and disbursing payments through an insured escrow company
  • Attending selected medical appointments upon request
  • Attending your embryo transfer upon request
  • Monitor your surrogate through mandatory monthly support group meetings
  • Providing emotional support to both you and your surrogate through medications, pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • Making sure all parties involved are handled with grace and integrity
  • Returning any unused escrow funds to you within 12 months of delivery.

Why Choose an Agency?

Why should you choose a surrogacy agency over a fertility doctor’s in-house program or an independent surrogacy arrangement?

If you’re considering surrogacy to build your family, then you probably feel overwhelmed by the options and have a lot of questions.

You have a few options when you are getting started. Some intended parents opt to create their own surrogacy arrangement by seeking out a gestational surrogate and personally coordinating all the travel, medical, financial, and legal details. This can be quite daunting, especially since you will be coping with the emotional aspects of the surrogacy process all the while. Others choose their fertility doctor’s in-house program, if one is available.

Alternatively, working with a surrogacy agency such as The Surrogacy Source, will often result in the least amount of stress, the greatest amount of emotional and psychological support, access to the most thoroughly-screened surrogates, and even assistance with financial and legal agreements.

First and foremost, you want to find the best surrogate for your individual situation. The Surrogacy Source screens gestational surrogate candidates for medical and psychological issues and conducts intensive background checks. Our gestational surrogate requirements are taken very seriously in order to find the best possible candidates. With your doctor’s in-house program or an independent arrangement, you are not guaranteed access to the most eligible candidates. A surrogacy agency often has a more formalized and thorough screening process.

Questions you should ask about screening:

  • How are the surrogates chosen?
  • Do you personally meet with every surrogate and assess their home surroundings?
  • What is the screening process?
  • Does it include medical, psychological & criminal screening?
  • Is the partner screened?

After your ideal gestational surrogate is chosen, you will begin a process that includes appointments and possible travel arrangements that need to be scheduled. The Surrogacy Source will facilitate all administrative details, help you find legal counsel, and assist with financial agreements including escrow services. While a fertility practice might be busy juggling a number of responsibilities, a surrogacy agency makes your case a priority.

Questions you should ask about the process:

  • What is your success rate?
  • Can you put me in touch with satisfied clients?
  • Do you have references?
  • Who will pay what bills?
  • Is escrow service built in?

The surrogacy process can be potentially stressful and emotionally overwhelming, but the primary goal of The Surrogacy Source and other agencies is to make the arrangement as enjoyable as possible. At The Surrogacy Source, your personal case manager is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Our support groups and friendly faces are ready to offer you encouragement and understanding.

Questions you should ask about support services:

  • What kinds of emotional support does the program offer?
  • Will you have access to support groups and counseling?
  • Who is the main contact person?
  • Are you dealing with multiple employees or is there one dedicated case manager to deal with on a regular basis?

The surrogacy process doesn’t end immediately after the pregnancy. A fertility doctor only monitors the surrogate through the first trimester, but a surrogacy agency offers emotional support and counseling during the adjustment period, when you welcome your new baby into your home.

More than anything else, an agency’s reputation is completely dependent on how well the staff executes its services. The Surrogacy Source has cultivated its reputation one new parent at a time. Contact us today and we will help you begin your journey!

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