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Our Jewish Egg Donor Program

Whether you are a Jewish egg donor or a Jewish intended parent, Fertility Source Companies is sensitive to your needs. Our firm commitment is to provide the most compassionate and skilled care available.

Find or Become a Jewish Egg Donor with Fertility Source Companies

As one of the largest egg donation agencies in the United States, Fertility Source Companies features egg donors of all ethnicities, including those of Jewish ethnicity.  Many intended parents come to us in search of a Jewish egg donor because we take pride in our meticulous screening process and find only the most exceptional donors.

The donors who choose to work through our Jewish egg donor program are personally interviewed and thoroughly informed of the processes, both medical and legal, that are required of this commitment before they proceed. There are significant issues to consider for all parties concerned, and it is our role to make these issues and their conclusions as clear as possible. Each of our Jewish egg donors is carefully screened and counseled as to their roles and responsibilities as an egg donor.

How to Find a Jewish Egg Donor

The process begins by creating an intake form to obtain access to our egg donor database. From there, you can search our list of available Jewish egg donors, view their profiles, and find a perfect match to help you build the family of your dreams. With more than 450 egg donors and counting, you can browse the select group of Jewish egg donors that have passed our strict quality guidelines. Our goal is to provide a diverse selection of egg donors so that you can find a donor that best matches your family’s needs.

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Jewish Egg Donors Wanted: Become an Egg Donor

Jewish egg donors are in high demand for several reasons. Many intended parents of Jewish descent want an egg donor who shares a genetic and cultural connection to their heritage. Some families place importance on having children who are raised following Jewish religious and cultural practices, and using a Jewish egg donor can help ensure this continuity. Additionally, the availability of Jewish egg donors may be lower than the demand in certain regions, leading to a higher demand for Jewish egg donors who are willing and able to donate. Furthermore, intended parents may feel a stronger emotional connection to a Jewish donor if they share similar backgrounds, beliefs, or values.

Fertility Source Companies has earned a strong reputation amongst egg donors of all ethnicities for providing an exceptional egg donor experience. We have the utmost respect for the incredible individuals who choose to provide intended parents with the gift of life and do everything in our power to facilitate a seamless and fulfilling experience for each and every egg donor. In addition to generous compensation, support, and guidance, we also ensure that all aspects of egg donor arrangements are handled with the highest standards of ethics. 

If you would like to join our Jewish egg donor program, we encourage you to learn more about the donation process. Many families in need of Jewish egg donors would be so grateful for your contribution.

Egg Donor Requirements

Egg donors of all backgrounds, including those of Jewish descent, must fall within certain requirements and parameters to be considered for our egg donation program. Fertility Source Companies’ egg donor requirements are structured around the recommendations set forth by the fertility industry leaders. Some of our egg donor requirements include:

  • Being between the ages of 21-29
  • Having a healthy BMI
  • Being a non-smoker and non-drug user
  • Being in overall good health

If you are considering joining our program as a Jewish egg donor, please review our requirements before applying.

Egg Donor Compensation

At Fertility Source Companies, first-time egg donors typically receive a compensation of $8,000 or more per donation cycle. Jewish egg donors may receive compensation on the higher end due to the higher demand for Jewish donors. Compensation is provided to acknowledge the egg donor’s time, effort, and dedication throughout the donation process. The eggs themselves are considered a priceless gift.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewish Egg Donation

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We encourage qualified Jewish egg donors to apply to our egg donor program today!

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