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Surrogacy Testimonials

Read what people are saying about us!

We are proud of the work that we do at The Surrogacy Source, and nothing makes us happier than getting positive feedback from our clients & friends! · Contact us to share your story.

“Hi April, The baby is so great, we are enjoying her :) Thank you for all your help through this amazing journey, you are a true professional yet compassionate and understanding, always available to listen and advise. You made it seamless and smooth with your thorough explanations. Thank you :)”
- D & K, Intended Parents

“Most of the research I conducted prior to submitting a surrogacy application was done online. The Surrogacy Source's Web page was the most warm and welcoming, taking the clinical aspect of medical procedures away and instead focusing on the formation of the family. I love this approach, as it aligns well with my own view of surrogacy. While I am fully aware of the medical aspect of carrying a child, my intent is to play a role in helping build a family. The Surrogacy Source caters to that. Also, The Surrogacy Source's Web site provided the most information in the most candid and plain language, while still feeling informative rather than condescending. I take this as a good sign for the rest of the organization and the remainder of the surrogacy process!”
- Anonymous, Surrogate

“The surrogacy, pregnancy and birth experiences were so incredibly smooth, healthy, safe, and beautiful. My husband and I bonded very tightly with our surrogate (and later her family), and just adore her. I could not have imagined a more loving, warm, giving surrogate. We feel so blessed. She feels like part of our family. As you may recall, we had a long, rough journey getting here (7 years and a year detour with breast cancer after fertility treatments). I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for helping make this miracle happen. I know that I was sometimes difficult because of all of the trauma I had been to up to the point of getting to surrogacy. Thank you for holding my hand and understanding, and being so supportive. I cannot say enough good things about the Surrogacy Source.”
- Jill, Intended Parent

“Thank you, Jamie! It is a pleasure to now work for the Surrogacy Source, as I have so enjoyed working for the Donor Source for so many years. In learning from April how your program works for surrogates, I was very impressed with the excellent and thorough program that you have. I have always felt that the Donor Source was the best agency around, and I prefer to align myself with programs that have the highest standards.”
- Janis V. Goldman, Ph.D., Psy.D.

“We met with Tricia and Theresa {for our surrogate in-home assessment} last night and I thought it went really well. I have to tell you, I am really impressed with these two. They have been extremely helpful and incredibly easy to talk to. I can actually tell that they want me to be a part of this experience, not just that they work for a company that wants to make money. That's a rare and extremely appreciated trait these days.”
– J.H., Surrogate

“Dear Tricia, Jamie, Danielle & Everyone else that helped us, Thank you so much for the cute handprint and footprint keepsake and for all of your help towards the birth of our second daughter. We enjoyed working with you and are so thankful that you made the process easier for us.”
– G & D, Intended Parents

“Dear Jamie, Thanks so much to you and your colleagues at The Surrogacy Source for the wonderful frames. We can't wait to fill them with photos of our girls! Thanks again for all of your efforts, which have helped us become parents of these amazing babies.”
– J & L, Intended Parents