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Specialty Egg Donor Programs

At Fertility Source Companies, we take pride in our international egg donation program. It is our practice to recruit U.S. egg donors from diverse ethnic backgrounds in order to serve the needs of our international intended parents.

Asian, Jewish, and East Indian Egg Donors are always in high demand and often receive higher compensation than other egg donors.

Whether you are a prospective egg donor or an intended parent looking for an egg donor, The Donor Source is sensitive to your needs. Our first commitment is to provide the most compassionate and skilled care available.

Asian Egg Donor Program

Many factors, both cultural and genetic, lead to high demand for Asian egg donors. It is our highest priority to match our intended parents with the right egg donor for them, and that includes egg donors of full descent and even half-Asian descent. The Donor Source is constantly seeking full-Asian and mixed-Asian egg donors in the United States. Currently we have a diverse selection of Asian egg donors available from a variety of backgrounds such as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and much more!

Jewish Egg Donor Program

There are many factors to consider with Jewish Egg Donation, including religion, genetics, and cultural attitudes. We have many different traits we look for in Jewish egg donors and will work with each intended parents’ specific needs. We have many staff who are Jewish as well, bringing an enriched understanding to the needs of our Jewish egg donors and intended parents.

East Indian Egg Donor Program

Many intended parents living in the U.S. have a hard time finding East Indian egg donors. At The Donor Source we take the time to determine what ethnic background of this region fits our intended parents’ needs. It’s our highest priority to find egg donors of East Indian, Asian Indian, and Indian American descent.