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5 Reasons to Hire a Surrogacy Attorney

Getting advice about surrogacy regulations before entering into any surrogacy arrangement will ensure that all parties involved understand matters in their legal context and know what they are committing to.

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The Decisions You Need to Make Before Signing a Surrogacy Contract

After intended parents are matched with a gestational surrogate and before any of the medical procedures involved in surrogacy take place, both parties will form and agree to a surrogacy contract. At this stage, the intended parents work with their legal representation and the gestational surrogate will do the same with hers in order to…

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AB421 Welcomes Clarity for Intended Parents in Nevada!

Hello Nevada Families looking to grow! Did you know that this past June (2013) the passing of AB421 allows for pre-birth and post-birth orders for all intended parents: single, gay, straight, and with|out donors? This law went into effect on October 1st and brings clarity and safety to our Nevada families looking to grow.

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Straying from “The Birds and the Bees”

The Stork, a rainbow, “the Birds and the Bees”; these are a few stories used to answer “Where do babies come from?” As adults, we understand where babies come from and the fact that sometimes, babies don’t come that way either. Adults are able to understand the struggles Intended Parents go through, for the chance…

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Should Egg Donors and Intended Parents Meet?

When we embark upon creating our families via egg donation there are so many things to consider and decisions to be made. As we pour through egg donor profiles we look at the following and decide what’s important to us.

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