The Motivation Behind Gestational Surrogacy

Not too long ago the Huffington Post ran a great article about what you shouldn’t ever say to a gestational surrogate. The article talked about what a lovely act of love and kindness gestational surrogates do for intended parents – and how dismayed the author was to read the following comment:

“And just think of all the money you’ll get.”

Aside from this being a rude and inappropriate comment it’s clear that some don’t understand the real reasons behind the motivation of gestational carriers. And it’s certainly not about money.

There are many reason that women have for wanting to become a surrogate mother. The first and foremost is they want to give to another intended parent what they have – the gift of life. They want to make it possible for other parents to know and feel that utter bliss of become a mom or a dad.

• For some it’s a vocation or a calling.
• For others it’s a way to give back – they want to make a difference in the world in a meaningful way.
• It’s a gift of love. It’s a gift of joy. These mom’s love their babies, they love being mothers, and they want to simply share their gift with others.
• They may know someone who is faced with infertility and this is their way of helping.

It’s never really about the money – there’s a lot more to it than that.


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