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Choosing A Gestational Carrier Who Is Not Local

Intended Parents have invested much time, funds, and emotions into their pathway to parenthood.  They are placing their trust into individuals they have never, and may never, meet.  Email, video calls, faxing, and other technology have allowed us to create a network of support to guide everyone involved through such an intimate process.

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Dollars & Sense: Clarifying the Financial Journey

There are a lot of things to take into consideration as you start your journey towards parenthood. And, while the cost of parenthood is likely to stack up for all parents, those building their family through egg donation and/or surrogacy often face giant financial hurdles before their little one even arrives.

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The Motivation Behind Gestational Surrogacy

Not too long ago the Huffington Post ran a great article about what you shouldn’t ever say to a gestational surrogate. The article talked about what a lovely act of love and kindness gestational surrogates do for intended parents – and how dismayed the author was to read the following comment: “And just think of…

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If You Are Going to Brave Surrogacy On Your Own

Surrogacy is expensive – incredibly expensive and it’s also complicated. That’s why it’s important to employ a professional surrogacy agency, a great IVF clinic and an excellent reproductive lawyer to help navigate through uncharted waters. However, it’s important to remember that during our quest to become parents we can feel extremely vulnerable, overwhelmed and sometimes…

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Choosing a Gestational Surrogate

As an intended parent one of the most important decisions you are going to be making as you embark upon gestational surrogacy is who will carry and deliver your baby. It can be a scary time. It can be a happy time as well as an overwhelming time – and many who have gone before…

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