Dollars & Sense: Clarifying the Financial Journey

There are a lot of things to take into consideration as you start your journey towards parenthood. And, while the cost of parenthood is likely to stack up for all parents, those building their family through egg donation and/or surrogacy often face giant financial hurdles before their little one even arrives.

While no one can give you an exact estimate because every family building journey is a bit different– with some differences in cost able to be controlled while others are definitely out of everyone’s control– we usually like to give a high estimate of $100,000 – $130,000 for the entire journey if you’re utilizing the help of an egg donor and a gestational carrier. Most intended parents are a bit shocked by this and start to mention other websites/companies/agencies that have quoted them much lower. It can get confusing because everyone explains and groups costs a bit differently. It’s important that one realizes that this quote includes an estimated amount of  EVERYTHING including agency support,egg donor and gestational carrier compensation, legal, medical, and insurance costs. This total amount is paid to several different parties and is spaced out somewhat throughout the duration of your family building journey. Separated out you’ll start to see similar sounding numbers for each piece on it’s own. With all the different numbers thrown around, which we can also help you get a handle on separately, we’ve found that it is often helpful to our parents to have an overall view of the financial commitment. We like to give an estimate close to the higher end so that if parents are surprised it’s more likely that they’re happily surprised that they’ve completed the journey for less than anticipated.

For more information on individual costs, egg donor and surrogacy costs, take a look at our egg donor and surrogacy costs sheets on our website or feel free to contact us with any other questions/comments/concerns. Fertility Source Companies also offers financing options through two different lenders, as we understand the difficulties of this financial journey for our intended parents. We pride ourselves on our reputation of making egg donation and surrogacy cycles as stress-free as possible.  It can feel overwhelming at the beginning but we’re here to help!

Traci Medeiros-Bagan
Fertility Source Companies Third Party Reproduction LGBT Coordinator

Traci’s academic background is in Gender Studies with a focus in Sexuality and her career background is in counseling and diversity education. She believes in the strength of families of choice and is passionate about offering affirming options for egg donation and/or surrogacy to the LGBT community looking to grow their families.