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How to Choose an Egg Donor or Surrogacy Agency

For things to run smoothly in egg donor and surrogacy arrangements, there are many moving parts involved, including the matching process, medical details, financial details, legalities, and logistics. As such, it’s important that you work with a competent egg donor or surrogacy agency when pursuing this path to parenthood.

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Tips for Starting Third-Party Reproduction in the New Year

As we enter a new year, taking stock of the past year’s ups and downs and preparing for a fresh start, some couples and individuals may be thinking of growing their family through third-party reproductive services — whether through egg donation, embryo donation, surrogacy, or sperm donation.

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Four Things to Look for in a Surrogacy/Egg Donor Agency

When you’re looking for the chance to become a parent or the opportunity to help intended parents as a surrogate or egg donor, working with only a comprehensive and committed agency should do. Here are four criteria you can consider narrowing your selection of assisted reproduction partners down to one outstanding agency candidate.

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How to Stay Organized During a Third-Party Reproduction Agreement

If you’re wondering how to stay organized during assisted reproduction, consider how people make weddings happen. These days, you probably wouldn’t even think to coordinate all the moving parts of a wedding without a wedding planner; there’s the venue, the flowers, the catering, the limousine, the emotional attendants, and much more.

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