How to Choose an Egg Donor or Surrogacy Agency

For things to run smoothly in egg donor and surrogacy arrangements, there are many moving parts involved, including the matching process, medical details, financial details, legalities, and logistics. As such, it’s important that you work with a competent egg donor or surrogacy agency when pursuing this path to parenthood.

For intended parents who are new to the world of third-party reproduction, knowing how to choose the right egg donor or surrogacy agency can seem overwhelming. While most of us are no strangers to online research, shopping around for an agency isn’t typically something that many people know how to do intuitively.

However, just like with anything else you might research online, there are certain criteria that you can keep in mind to help you find the best egg donor or surrogacy agency for you. Below are the top four things you should keep in mind when researching and choosing a third-party reproduction agency.

Firsthand Experience

Building your family using an egg donor or surrogacy is a highly personal, nuanced experience. You want to be sure that the agency you choose will understand what you’re going through and be able to provide guidance and support throughout your journey. Your best bet is to work with an egg donor or surrogacy agency that is run and staffed by people who have been in your shoes. When researching agencies on the internet, be sure to check out their “About” page, leadership page, and team member bios page. This will give you a complete picture of how much firsthand experience the agency has.


Egg donor and surrogacy agencies that have been around for several years tend to not only have an abundance of knowledge and network connections but also an evolving sense of what’s going on in the third-party reproduction world. Because they tend to have access to more resources than newer agencies, they’re able to offer their clients better service overall.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Third-party reproduction is a modern form of family-building that should reflect the needs of our modern society. You want to be sure you’re working with an egg donor or surrogacy agency that values inclusivity and is openly happy to work with individuals and couples from all walks of life, including LGBT+ and single intended parents. You also want to be sure you’re working with an agency that can connect you with a diverse database of egg donors or surrogates.

Excellent Communication

Communication is one of the most crucial components to having a good third-party reproductive experience. You don’t want to work with an agency that is difficult to reach or that doesn’t immediately respond to your phone calls and emails. You want to work with an agency that will act as your partner throughout the whole process.

Working with a great agency can help ensure that your experience with using an egg donor or surrogate is amazing. To learn more, contact Fertility Source Companies today.