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Fertility Source Companies Blog Tag: “LGBTQ Family Building”

Celebrate Pride Month with Fertility Source Companies

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month! This month, we honor the history of the gay liberation movement led by the activism of trans and gender-nonconforming organizers. Pride has evolved immensely over the past few decades, entering the mainstream in waves unheard of just twenty years ago. However, though much has changed in the eyes and opinions…

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Resource Spotlight: OC Lavender Bar Association

Hello again, families looking to grow! We have another wonderful event in the Southern CA area to assist you on your pathway to parenthood! Fertility Source Companies is proud to partner with the Orange County Lavender Bar Association in September 19th @ 6pm.

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Surrogacy: Safe Risk Taking

I’ve been seeing a lot of bad media around surrogacy recently, and I just have to say…There are some horror stories out there.  There are people who have gotten a terribly raw deal. And there is a stark truth that surrogacy has also had big beautiful results for families, and has forever changed lives in…

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The Repercussions of Challenges in LGBTQ Family Building

It used to be that when we talked “LGBTQ Family Building” and “Families of Choice” we were exclusively singing the praises of NON-biological family. The focus was on the kinship networks we built out in the world as teens/adults post-coming out. These were families built out of necessity, when biological families of origin weren’t supportive,…

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Working Together: SD Workshop with Family Matters!

Last week we announced our next FREE Family Building Conference at the San Diego LGBT Community Center and introduced everyone to one of our collaborators, Katherine Ellis-Hernandez, PhD, Family Health Psychology. Today we want to introduce everyone to the Family Matters program at the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

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