Celebrate Pride Month with Fertility Source Companies

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month! This month, we honor the history of the gay liberation movement led by the activism of trans and gender-nonconforming organizers. Pride has evolved immensely over the past few decades, entering the mainstream in waves unheard of just twenty years ago. However, though much has changed in the eyes and opinions of the public, the driving forces of LGBTQ+ advocacy remain steadfast. The ability to publicly connect with the rich history of June helps queer people look confidently into the liberated future.

Many pinpoint the beginnings of the political movement on June 28, 1969, outside the Stonewall Inn in New York City. A routine police raid of the bar ignited into a five-day clash-turned-protest–gay men, drag queens, and transgender patrons united in resistance against law enforcement’s repeated targeted harassment. Stonewall quickly became a turning point and accelerant of the fight for gay and trans rights.

Following the events at Stonewall, organizers Martha Johnson and Sylvia Rivera founded STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries) in 1970, the first LGBTQ+ youth shelter in North America. This organization provided much-needed support as well as housing to area youth and set an example of community building that many have since replicated.

This month, there will be celebrations in major cities across the nation. New York City has brought back their annual PrideFest, normally held in April, for both in-person and online festivities. Folks can gather safely in accordance with COVID-19 protocols and enjoy live entertainment, food, and other activities. PrideFest is June 27, and registration is currently open. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, LA Pride will be in full swing throughout June with the theme Thrive With Pride. Other events in California include a Juneteenth commemoration in collaboration with the African American Art and Culture Complex, scheduled for June 18.

During this joyous time, centering yourself around those you love and what’s most important to you may lead you down the path of the future, which can include having children. The LGBTQ+ community has made tremendous progress in the world of family planning and adoption rights, and more couples are exploring third-party reproduction. Both egg donation and gestational surrogacy are popular options for gay couples and single parents looking to expand their families.

Egg donation and surrogacy are both beautiful choices for those who wish to start a family. Many organizations accept intended LGBTQ+ parents both as couples and as single parents, and there are support groups and other resources available to intended parents of all backgrounds. For more information, contact Fertility Source Companies today!