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Fertility SOURCE Companies Directors have been trained to efficiently and compassionately guide intended parents through the complex decision of choosing a donor and/or gestational surrogate. Time is of the essence for those struggling with infertility. The Donor SOURCE and The Surrogacy SOURCE have the administrative expertise and an extensive egg donor database and gestational surrogate database to provide intended parents with the tools necessary to move forward in their fertility treatment.


Egg donation is accepted in all 50 states, however gestational surrogacy varies state to state. Please contact the appropriate team members from the list of locations provided.


Don’t see your state on the list? Please contact us at (877) 375-8888 or by filling out our form!

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Sheryl Steinberg

Donor Program - Director

Sheryl has been working for Fertility SOURCE Companies representing The Donor Source since 2008. She has helped hundreds of recipients have babies and many of those babies to have siblings. Helping to build families is what she loves and does best.

Prior to working for Fertility SOURCE Companies, Sheryl worked for an International Language School and has over 10 years of experience in the education field. She served as a liaison assisting an international clientele from over 30 countries with every facet of their transition toward living and studying in the US. Her background in project management along with her experience as a facilitator, advocate, cultural guide, and “stand-in” mother to those young students leaving their families to study abroad makes Sheryl the perfect person to guide prospective donors and parents through the donation and matching process. Sheryl is thrilled and honored to be able to make such a difference in the lives of the families that she helps.

Phone Number: (877) 375-8888 ext. 252


Theresa Ferrara

Surrogacy Program - Director

Theresa brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to her position at Fertility SOURCE Companies. As a three-time gestational carrier she has extensive knowledge of the unique journey of third party reproduction. Her sincerity and empathy shines through in her desire to guide Intended Parents, surrogates and egg donors through this wonderful journey. Theresa is passionate about working diligently to ensure all parties enjoy a smooth surrogacy and/or egg donation process. She is committed to keeping clients informed in all aspects of their journey with her exceptional communication and dedication to each individual. Theresa takes pride in helping create families.

Phone Number: (877) 375-8888 ext. 253

Fertility SOURCE Companies has the following office locations:

  • Administrative Headquarters
  • 24012 Calle De La Plata, Ste. 370
  • Laguna Hills, CA 92653
  • Toll Free (877) 375-8888
  • International (949) 872-2800


  • Northern California
  • 1007 West College Ave. #110
  • Santa Rosa, CA 95401


  • Illinois
  • 5 Revere Drive, Suite 200
  • Northbrook, IL 60062


  • Texas
  • 25 Highland Park Village, Ste. #100-513
  • Dallas, TX 75205


  • New England
  • 225 Franklin Street, 26th Floor
  • Boston, MA 02110


  • New York Metro
  • 445 Park Avenue
  • New York, NY 10022