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Our Egg Donation Program in North Carolina

At Fertility Source Companies, we make it our mission to support intended parents (IPs), connecting them with first-rate egg donors throughout North Carolina and beyond. Whether your goal is to become an egg donor or locate your ideal egg donor, our dedicated and devoted staff is available to you throughout the process. We invite you to learn more about the egg donation process in North Carolina, serving Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and more.

Finding an Egg Donor in North Carolina

Fertility Source Companies offers an assortment of benefits to intended parents in North Carolina, including streamlining the entire egg donation process. Your questions and concerns will be tackled by skilled and experienced professionals, available to address your needs throughout your fertility voyage, right up until parenthood is achieved!

Choosing an Egg Donor in North Carolina

When it comes to egg donation, one key stage in the decision-making process is choosing an egg donor. Stay calm, as we’ll be by your side, aiding you in developing a list of your main priorities, including physical and personality characteristics and qualities. If you’re new to the IP experience, we’ll supply you with complete access to our pre-screened egg donor database. Our database is constantly growing, making it more probable for you to find an egg donor that meets your needs and expectations.

Egg Donor Costs & Fees in North Carolina

As you’re mulling over egg donor costs and fees in North Carolina, you should take into account various factors that may sway your decision. These could include your specific geographic location and whether you want to pay for any add-on services, such as genetic testing. Also, keep in mind that some high-demand egg donors may have greater compensation standards. On average, you should expect to pay a cost of around $8,000, with another $8,500 for the agency fee. You should also budget for additional out-of-pocket costs, which could encompass legal retainers and any donor travel fees. Explore egg donor costs and fees in North Carolina.

How Egg Donors Are Screened in North Carolina

At Fertility Source Companies, we require that potential egg donors undergo various forms of rigorous screenings and background checks, including:

  • A complete physical exam
  • A blood test, designed to identify drug use or specific health concerns
  • A lifestyle assessment
  • A mental health screening
  • A criminal background inspection
  • Genetic testing to prevent inherited disorders
  • A personality profile
  • A review of the donor’s commitment level

Learn more about our egg donor screening process.

Egg Donation FAQs for Intended Parents

What reasons would intended parents have for collaborating with an egg donor agency, as opposed to placing “Egg Donor Wanted” ads and other announcements on social media?

While it may seem tempting to “remove the middle man” and post “Egg Donor Wanted” ads on social media or elsewhere online, doing so makes it more difficult to identify properly screened egg donor candidates. When you try to handle the process of finding an egg donor on your own without any support or guidance from an agency, you are at a much higher risk of having a poor egg donation experience. Partnering with a professional egg donor agency, such as Fertility Source Companies, gives you peace of mind, as you’ll know that any qualified candidates have sailed through rigorous physical and mental screening processes.

What are some factors IPs may consider when narrowing down prospective egg donors?

Every intended parent is unique, with their own preferences and needs. Nevertheless, the actual donor selection typically boils down to certain must-haves, such as candidates’ physical characteristics, personality characteristics, and medical/hereditary history.

How much should I expect to pay when working with an egg donor?

On average, you should expect to budget for around $16,500, including the egg donor fees and agency costs. Bear in mind, that additional out-of-pocket expenses, like travel fees and cycle medication, may incur additional costs and fees.

Becoming an Egg Donor in North Carolina

Those who choose to become egg donors are granted a life-changing opportunity. Not only do you make it possible for intended parents to grow their family, you’re also deservedly compensated for your time and energy. Thinking about becoming an egg donor in North Carolina? Fertility Source Companies works with egg donors from across the state, including Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and beyond.

Why Become an Egg Donor in North Carolina

While every egg donor is unique with their own specific expectations and motivations, they all share a common desire to help aspiring parents achieve their dreams of having a family. For their considerable efforts, egg donors are also rewarded, receiving ample financial compensation, reimbursement for expenses (like travel and accommodations), no-cost fertility assessments, and free medical and genetic screening tests.

Requirements for Egg Donation in North Carolina

Should you consider becoming an egg donor in North Carolina, you should know that to qualify, candidates have to run a gauntlet of exacting screenings and requirements. These include:

  • Being 21-29 years old
  • A healthy fertility level 
  • No genetically inherited disorders in your family history
  • Being a non-smoker and non-drug user
  • Following a healthy lifestyle
  • A healthy body weight 
  • A flexible schedule, with sufficient time for screening and egg donor procedure appointments

Determine if you’re eligible and learn more about egg donor requirements in North Carolina.

The Egg Donation Process

Breaking down the process of egg donation means understanding its specific steps. These include:

  • Hormonal medication is self-injected, generally once a day, for about 12 days, to stimulate multiple egg development in one ovulation cycle.
  • You’ll be subjected to blood and ultrasound tests, to ensure eggs have matured before their retrieval.
  • For egg retrieval, performed as an outpatient procedure, an ultrasound probe and a thin needle gently remove eggs from the small fluid sacs called ovarian follicles. 
  • To help make the egg retrieval process painless, expect to be sedated, remaining in a semi-conscious, 30-minute state.

Egg Donor Pay & Compensation in North Carolina

Egg donors are providing an exceptional service, helping those in need to achieve parenthood, all while giving up their time, energy, and any expenses incurred. Fertility Source Companies understands this commitment, and as such, we endeavor to generously compensate our egg donors. As a first-time egg donor, you’ll receive a base payment, which may vary, depending on location and other factors. Typically, this payment ranges from $5,500 to $8,000, with repeat donors earning an increase of $500 to $1,000. Find out more about egg donor compensation and pay in North Carolina.

Apply to Become an Egg Donor in North Carolina

Are you ready to become an egg donor? We’ve worked with egg donors from all over North Carolina, including Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and beyond. Start your egg donor journey and apply today!
Become an Egg Donor in North Carolina

Egg Donor FAQs

Does a limit exist for how many times I can donate my eggs?

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has established as a guideline that a woman may not donate her eggs more than six times.

Does anything prevent me from working during the egg donation process?

Yes, you are allowed to continue working, and in fact, many donors continue working or attending school throughout most stages. Please be aware that you’ll have to miss one or two days for the egg retrieval procedure.

Are there any risks or side effects with egg donation that I should consider?

Egg donation is generally considered safe, however, like any other procedure, there are some side effects and risks to be aware of. The main source of risk in egg donation is the usage of hormone injections, which can cause a wide range of side effects, including breast tenderness, moodiness, abdominal cramps, and swelling. Although rare, there is also a risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), a condition characterized by painful ovarian swelling after taking injectable hormones. Before starting the process, your doctor will discuss all potential risks with you, including OHSS.

Our Partner Clinics in North Carolina

Fertility Source Companies partners with many fertility clinics across North Carolina, including in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and beyond. You’ll find the contact information and website addresses of each of our partner clinics in North Carolina listed below.

Montgomery Fertility Center
Tower Oaks Professional Park
3202 Tower Oaks Blvd Suite 370
Rockville, MD 20852
Ph: 301-946-6962
Fx: 301-946-6022

Shady Grove
15001 Shady Grove Road Suite 220
Rockville, MD 20850

Ph: 301-545-1200
Fx: 301-545-1245

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