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Our Surrogacy Program in Florida

When searching for a quality surrogacy experience, Fertility Source Companies has long provided both intended parents (IPs) and gestational surrogates with unrivaled services and support. IPs have unlimited access to our comprehensive, user-friendly virtual database. This affords them the chance to carefully peruse candidate profiles and get to know them personally. Having worked with clinics throughout Florida, including Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and beyond, we’ve been fortunate to enable individuals and couples to attain their family goals.

Finding a Surrogate in Florida

A gestational carrier, or surrogate, is a woman who agrees to carry a pregnancy for the intended parents. Since opening our doors in 2003, Fertility Source Companies has helped more than 4,500 IPs in the United States and internationally to accomplish healthy, successful childbirths.

Surrogacy Laws in Florida

Florida currently has no specific laws or regulations in place regarding surrogacy. Indeed, the state’s courts retain a positive approach toward surrogacy arrangements and legal proceedings. Surrogacy contracts are deemed valid and enforceable as long as an attorney with reproductive law experience has drafted them. Think of these reproductive attorneys as the lifeline between gestational surrogates and IPs, as they’re responsible for establishing all relevant rights, responsibilities, compensation, contact expectations, and birth plans.

Florida Surrogate Costs & Fees

In Florida, as with most states, you’ll generally be responsible for paying within the range of $100,000 to $125,000 for total surrogacy costs. This amount covers the $50,000 base surrogacy fee — along with the initial $28,000 agency fee — distributed in eight monthly installments, beginning with the fetal heartbeat’s confirmation. Intended parents must make these payments as long as the surrogate is pregnant, and the remaining balance is due within 7 days of delivery. In addition, IPs must reimburse the surrogate for any living expenses, including a $350 monthly allowance, an embryo transfer fee, a maternity clothing fee, and other miscellaneous charges. Learn more about surrogacy costs and fees.

How Surrogates Are Screened in Florida

Our intended parents’ safety and security are crucial to Fertility Source Companies. We demand all Florida surrogate candidates pass extensive, stringent screenings to assess physical and mental health. Women will undergo multiple medical screenings, including a pelvic exam, and tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), drug use, and disorders, like hepatitis. They’ll also have background checks and psychological evaluations conducted by mental health professionals. Our staff registered nurse (RN) will review candidates’ past pregnancies to identify any complications. Besides evaluating health status, these screenings demonstrate that candidates can complete the entire surrogacy process.

Surrogacy FAQs for Intended Parents

What is the definition of an IP profile, and how does it help potential surrogates?

All surrogacy candidates receive an “IP profile,” a rundown of potential intended parents. The IP profile incorporates such information as your family description, your hoped-for type of parenting style, and an overview of your varied interests and values. The IP profile will also contain photos of you and your family members.

Do you recommend that intended parents collaborate with a surrogacy attorney?

Yes. Florida and its selected courts may possess a positive attitude toward surrogacy, but these specific arrangements and legal processes can still be quite complex. By utilizing a dedicated reproductive attorney, you have first-hand, fast, and authoritative information on many legal aspects. Working with them should also accelerate the surrogacy contract, thereby minimizing any legal risks.

If necessary, will Fertility Source Companies assist intended parents with any financial assistance?

Yes. We understand that not all IPs may be able to cover their surrogacy costs. For these clients, we offer various financing options that may help you plan a proper budget and maintain your financial responsibilities. As a side benefit, you may experience less surrogacy-related stress.

Become a Surrogate in Florida

We are grateful that you’re considering becoming a surrogate in Florida. If you’d like more information and support, please review this extensive guide, designed to provide insight into ways to transform aspiring parents’ lives.

Why Become a Surrogate in Florida

Deciding to become a gestational surrogate is a kindhearted act, allowing individuals or couples a pathway to grow their families. However, at Fertility Source Companies, we understand the sacrifices our surrogates make, including their time, energy, and personal and professional lives.  We provide generous compensation, including financial and for health and wellness.

Surrogate Requirements in Florida

We value the health of our surrogates, as they are part of the Fertility Source Companies family. Ensuring their continued optimal well-being also improves the likelihood of successful pregnancy outcomes. We require all Florida candidates to pass strict and thorough surrogate requirements. Based on industry-wide standards, these guidelines are meant to protect surrogates, their future babies, and the intended parents. Among them are:

  • Being 21-43 years old
  • Having experienced one healthy pregnancy, but no more than five past live births or three Cesarean (C-section) births
  • Being a United States citizen or having the legal right to work in the U.S.
  • Not requiring federal or state assistance
  • Being a non-smoker and not using drugs
  • Possessing sufficient physical and mental health, including a superlative medical history and passing screenings
  • Having a stable home environment
  • Having reliable transportation 
  • Passing a criminal background evaluation

The Surrogacy Process

To qualify as a surrogate with Fertility Source Companies, the first step is applying. You’ll need to provide medical records and have background checks and mental and physical health screenings. Should everything check out, you’ll be accepted into our candidate database. At this point, you’re registered, and you can be matched with potential IPs, via an online meeting. Once a positive match is made, the following steps must be completed.

  • You’ll have a full physical exam, performed by a fertility specialist chosen by the intended parents.
  • You’ll sign a surrogacy agreement with an attorney.
  • You’ll need to self-inject yourself with a series of hormonal medications to prepare for pregnancy; typically, one daily injection, for about 30 to 60 days.
  • You’ll go through the embryo transfer procedure.
  • You’ll submit to having several ultrasounds and blood tests to confirm pregnancy. 
  • You’ll meet with your local obstetrician (OB) for regular pregnancy visits and delivery.

We realize that surrogates and IPs may, understandably, be confused or overwhelmed by the surrogacy process, at least in the beginning. Our team is available to assist you at every step, and many staff members were themselves surrogates. They’re always ready to comfort you with essential, next-level support. We encourage you to find out more about the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Pay & Compensation in Florida

In Florida, gestational surrogates generally earn $50,000, encompassing base pay, plus all incurred expenses. This payment will be allotted in eight monthly payments, disbursed as long as the surrogate is pregnant, with the balance due within seven days of delivery. You must understand that payment only begins once the baby’s fetal heart rate is detected, though. Surrogates are also compensated for additional out-of-pocket expenses, like medical needs, travel, or maternity clothes. Discover more about surrogate compensation and pay.

Apply to Become a Surrogate in Florida

Have you been pondering the surrogacy path? We work with surrogates 
throughout Florida, including Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, 
and more. Apply today and let your surrogacy dreams come true!

Become a Surrogate in Florida

Surrogate FAQs

Is gestational surrogacy legally permitted in Florida?

Yes. In Florida, the surrogacy contract — the legal agreement between IPs and surrogates — is considered valid and enforceable as soon as it’s signed by an attorney.

Do any restrictions exist as to who may be an intended parent?

No. Basically, intended parenthood is open to any person or couple. This may entail hopeful singles, LGBTQ+ families, couples dealing with infertility problems, or people afflicted with health issues, in particular, those that may affect a woman’s ability to safely carry a pregnancy to term.

What is the preferred method, if any, that gestational surrogates use to become pregnant?

Among the various fertility treatment options, surrogates typically undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). The most common and effective technique, IVF involves a healthy, mature egg being combined with sperm, provided by an IP or donor, in a laboratory setting. Once an embryo has developed, it’s implanted in the surrogate’s uterus.

Our Partner Clinics in Florida

At Fertility Source Companies, we treasure the relationships we’ve cultivated with fertility clinics throughout Florida, including in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and beyond. Below, you’ll conveniently find these clinics’ contact information and website addresses.

Montgomery Fertility Center
Tower Oaks Professional Park
3202 Tower Oaks Blvd Suite 370
Rockville, MD 20852
Ph: 301-946-6962
Fx: 301-946-6022

Shady Grove
15001 Shady Grove Road Suite 220
Rockville, MD 20850

Ph: 301-545-1200
Fx: 301-545-1245

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