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Why Are Surrogacy Laws So Complex?

One of the most surprising aspects of starting a surrogacy arrangement, whether as a gestational carrier or an intended parent, is that laws regarding surrogacy are complex and varied. Surrogacy law is not nationwide in the United States. It is up to individual states to set laws, statutes, and/or guidance on what is and what…

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5 Reasons to Hire a Surrogacy Attorney

Getting advice about surrogacy regulations before entering into any surrogacy arrangement will ensure that all parties involved understand matters in their legal context and know what they are committing to.

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Is Surrogacy Law Evolving?

In the infamous case of Baby M in 1985, a traditional surrogate (not a gestational surrogate) answered an intended parent couple’s newspaper ad, delivered the couple’s baby, and then changed her mind, deciding she wanted to keep the child and forgo compensation.

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How International Gestational Surrogacy Works for Those Traveling to the U.S.

Though surrogacy law can vary from one state to another in the U.S., there are countries where gestational surrogacy, or even surrogacy generally, is entirely prohibited. When surrogacy isn’t allowed, it can leave those couples and individuals who are relying on this form of third-party reproduction to build their families in the lurch. In order…

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