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CA Surrogacy Laws

In the United States, laws concerning surrogacy can vary widely from state to state. In some states, only non-compensated surrogacy arrangements are allowed to take place. In others, surrogacy laws are very accommodating to third party reproduction agreements and allow both altruistic and paid surrogacy agreements.

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Surrogacy Law Reform

“Well-managed surrogacy is the very best of human collaboration, and we should be doing everything we can to support it. Until we do, parents and children will be put at risk, an increasing proportion of them same-sex parents.”

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Resource Share: Canadian Fertility Law

Good morning all!  I just stumbled across a gem of a resource page and had to share it with you all. This resource is an up to date (and still being maintained), highly specific + accurate LGBT inclusive fertility law website, specifically focused on Canadian Fertility Law.

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AB421 Welcomes Clarity for Intended Parents in Nevada!

Hello Nevada Families looking to grow! Did you know that this past June (2013) the passing of AB421 allows for pre-birth and post-birth orders for all intended parents: single, gay, straight, and with|out donors? This law went into effect on October 1st and brings clarity and safety to our Nevada families looking to grow.

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