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Surrogacy Match Meeting: How to Prepare

You have searched countless databases and read through numerous profiles hoping to find the one surrogate you connect with. The search is over and it is time to set up the match meeting. How do you prepare for that? Hopefully this will help you do just that. The first thing I suggest is to read…

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Surrogacy – Complications and Simplifications

The New York Times posted an article this week about surrogacy – Particularly highlighting reasons why surrogacy is generally preferred to be utilized in the U.S. as well as the history behind using gestational carriers rather than traditional carriers.

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Surrogacy: Safe Risk Taking

I’ve been seeing a lot of bad media around surrogacy recently, and I just have to say…There are some horror stories out there.  There are people who have gotten a terribly raw deal. And there is a stark truth that surrogacy has also had big beautiful results for families, and has forever changed lives in…

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Resource Spotlight: Building Families 2013

On the road again… well if we thought we had to use all caps to let you know about the Original GLBT Expo in NYC we’re going to have to use bold caps to say that we’re headed across the pond to the BUILDING FAMILIES Show 2013

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The Surrogacy Source Welcomes 300th Baby Born

We are thrilled to welcome the birth of our 300th baby born via surrogacy! Baby Boy John is our lucky number three hundred! He was born at 9 pounds 2 ounces. The surrogacy was a sibling cycle, which means Baby Boy John will be the older brother to a baby previously born by the very…

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Engage & Support: The Original GLBT Expo NYC

HELLO FRIENDS! We’re using caps here because we want to make sure our Fertility Source Companies friends and families looking to grow to hear us all the way on the East Coast! That’s right this weekend, March 9-10th, we will be at The Orignal GLBT Expo in New York City.

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