Preparing for the Cost of Surrogacy

Covering the cost of surrogacy or surrogacy with an egg donation cycle, requires financial planning. As you embark upon your surrogacy journey remember that in addition to compensating your gestational surrogate, egg donor, or fertility clinic there may be other expenses that you need to plan for such as:

• Agency fees that are paid to the agency who will coordinate your cycle, pay your surrogate, pay your egg donor, pay
the IVF clinic and other cycle expenses.

• Attorney fees that are paid to your attorney to create the egg donor and gestational carrier legal agreements.
Also your lawyer will help you with any pre-birth orders, or parental right contracts.

• Any and all medical and insurance expenses or costs. Gestational surrogate medical screening, egg donor screening,
patient medical screening (intended father).

• Psychological screening and testing

• Stipend for maternity clothing

• Childcare costs in the event bed rest is ordered by a doctor

• Housekeeping costs in the event bed rest is ordered by a doctor

• Lost wages that are determined on an individual basis

• Other legitimate miscellaneous costs that may occur during the pregnancy.


When it comes to the cost of surrogacy, it’s all about planning and being prepared. There are many ways that couples and individuals are able to tuck away savings for this expensive endeavor towards creating a family through third party reproduction. Some great ways were highlighted in an article by The Next Family, read it HERE!

At Fertility Source Companies, we understand how tough this journey is. It is our commitment to do everything we can to ease the stress of the process, both emotionally and financially. We offer discounts on fertility medications for both egg donation and surrogacy cycles through Avella Specialty Pharmacy and EMD Serono. We also offer fertility financing options through three different wonderful companies, you can find out more at the bottom of this page HERE. If you have further questions about these special offers, please give us a call to find out more information at 877-375-8888 or 949-872-2800 (international).