The Surrogacy Source Welcomes 300th Baby Born

We are thrilled to welcome the birth of our 300th baby born via surrogacy! Baby Boy John is our lucky number three hundred! He was born at 9 pounds 2 ounces. The surrogacy was a sibling cycle, which means Baby Boy John will be the older brother to a baby previously born by the very same surrogate mother through our program to the same Intended Parents. We wish all the best to the surrogate mother and Intended Parents, what a wonderful gift!

Fertility Source Companies has been a leading agency in third party reproduction via egg donation and surrogacy since 2003. This milestone is a great achievement for our Case Manager and Match Maker teams across the United States that work together 24/7 to be there for our surrogates and Intended Parents, every step of the way. Our team dynamic is a unique way of offering support to all parties involved in creating pathways to parenthood via surrogacy and egg donation. We can’t thank our teams of staff enough for all the hard work they put in to make dreams come true for families. It truly is the best gift in the world to be a part of this process with our surrogate mothers and Intended Parents.

We are proud of 2015 already, it’s a great start! To learn more about our company please review our blogs, websites, and social media! We are planning big things for this year, and will be sure to keep our audiences informed!

Thank you,
Fertility Source Companies (The Donor Source & The Surrogacy Source)
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