2014: Fertility Source Companies Year In Review


This past year went by quickly here at Fertility Source Companies, but it’s important to take a moment and reflect on the year before diving into the new year to come. We are grateful for the growth and experiences of 2014 as well as all our opportunities Creating Pathways to Parenthood. Egg donation and surrogacy have connected our staff to a wonderful and truly inspirational community of men and women striving to be parents and raise children of their own, despite any and all unique circumstances. It is our job to do everything in our power to create a stress-free pathway to parenthood for all Intended Parents alike, in addition to tending to our egg donors and surrogates who are paving the way for our Intended Parents with their generosity.

At the hands of The Surrogacy Source since our inception, 293 babies have been born via surrogate mother. In 2014 we had our biggest surrogacy match year since the start of it all! We are proud of our case managers and match makers, as well as administrative staff, who make dreams a reality for these Intended Parents. It takes hard work and dedication twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, to be available to our clients and support all their needs through surrogacy and egg donation.

To further emphasize teamwork within Fertility Source Companies, 2014 marked the first year completed with our “team concept”. We have structured our excellent staff into teams of two, a case manager and a match maker, for each set of territories we operate within the United States, as well as our International Intended Parents. We’ve done this to provide around the clock service to our Intended Parents, donors, and surrogates. We understand the challenges that are faced with each of our cases and with a team of two we can be even more attentive to every case we handle.

Fertility Source Companies had the tremendous opportunity to join in new conferences and build partnerships in the community this year. In addition to regular visits to our partners and physicians at fertility practices, our case managers enjoy attending events in the community to educate and network with men, women, physicians, attorneys, psychologists, members of the LGBT community, patients, couples experiencing infertility, international Intended Parents, etc. In 2014, Fertility Source Companies was thrilled to attend the American Society of Reproductive Medicine annual conference in Hawaii. This conference is attended by us each year and provides our staff the opportunity to familiarize themselves with new advances in assisted reproduction technology, educational seminars, and a chance to see fellow partners in the infertility industry. We also had the opportunity to attend two events for the first time – Hitched: Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo in Los Angeles, California as well as The San Diego Kids Expo. The Hitched: Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo event was a wonderful expo, providing support to the LGBT community with all the essentials for getting married, where to honeymoon, and how to start a family. Our case managers set up a wonderful booth to educate on Creating Pathways to Parenthood. The San Diego Kids Expo provided our staff with a sunny and fun chance to speak directly to families of all kinds and let them know how they can get involved to help other families in need, or give individuals the chance to be parents as well.

We had a blast in 2014 and we’re looking forward to more opportunities Creating Pathways to Parenthood in 2015! Our commitment is to continue to be the premier agency for egg donation and surrogacy for the fertility community. We look forward to working with you, building relationships and continuing to grow. We’d like to thank all of our partners at fertility practices for all that they do!

Please reach out to Fertility Source Companies at 877-375-8888 and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we greatly appreciate your continued support! Also, our office headquarters moved to a new location to start this year in a shiny new office:

Fertility Source Companies
24012 Calle De La Plata, Ste. 370
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Happy 2015!