The Donor Source: Why do egg donor applicants need to have a higher education?

Q: I am considering becoming an egg donor and am curious as to why it’s required for egg donor applicants to have a minimum of some college or vocational schooling? The quality of my eggs is not determined or changed by my education level…

A: This is a great question, and one we are asked often at The Donor Source. We fully understand that a woman’s education level doesn’t impact the quality of her eggs. For many years now, it has been our experience that donors without a college degree, or without being in pursuit of a college degree, typically do not get selected from our donor database. We have no control over this, unfortunately. As an agency that is trying to match wonderful donors with all our intended parents, we find it equally as frustrating as you do. We don’t want to see great candidates passed up on something such as their level of education, but this has been our experience with the demands of intended parents. Aside from FDA and ASRM regulations and guidelines, our egg donor requirements and acceptance of donors is largely driven by our demand from intended parents.

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