Why Are Egg Donor Requirements So Strict?

Applying to become an egg donor is an exciting concept, but the process may not be suitable for everyone. This is because egg donor programs from reputable organizations feature strict requirements that must be met for someone to be accepted into an egg donor program. We understand that these requirements can seem overly specific or possibly even judgmental, but we wish to assure you that this is not the case. Donor requirements are set in order to protect the health of every donor, the future intended parents, and the future baby that will result from a donation cycle. 

So, when you come across an opportunity to apply to become a donor within a program like the one at Fertility Source Companies, we hope you’ll consider the following when reviewing our program’s requirements. 

Egg donor requirements are strict, but why is this necessary?

Egg donor requirements will feature specifics about the donor’s age, general health status, current birth control, BMI, and underlying medical conditions. If you do not meet these requirements, it can feel as if you are being judged for something that may or may not be within your control. Please understand that there is no judgment as Case Managers review donor applications. Our staff is simply following the guidelines set out within the fertility industry which outline the best possible conditions for a successful egg donation cycle. We want to help ensure the health and safety of every single donor in our program as well as the intended parents who will use the donated eggs to try for a pregnancy, and the baby who will be born if such a pregnancy is achieved. 

For this to happen, the donor will need to be in an ideal state of health, and this includes healthy eggs. Women who are within the requirements range and who are also considered to be healthy are those who are most likely to be accepted into the program. 

If you find that either you do not meet our donor requirements prior to applying or you apply and are not accepted into the program, this is in no way a reflection of you as a person – and never could be. We understand that sometimes women can view our application process as something that points to flaws or isn’t inclusive. We would never want to be in the position of making someone feel “less” because they are not able to qualify for egg donation. The donation process is admirable, but so is anyone who would even consider being a donor. We admire every single woman who takes the time to complete an application, because without your consideration we would not be able to build all of the families across the country we help year after year.