Pride Life: Gay Parenting and Surrogacy

In an article posted by Pride Life, two gay dads are interviewed on their journey to parenthood through surrogacy.

The two Dads in the article are the founders of Gay Surrogacy UK, which offers information to those looking into surrogacy as an option to build their family. One of the great topics that this interview addresses is the decision making process and steps that were covered to decide on surrogacy. These two Dads state that they did consider adoption, but that the chance to have a biological child was the determining factor in their decision to pursue surrogacy to start their family.

“We discussed adoption but agreed that, initially at least, we wanted to have a family linked biologically to ourselves. After all, this is one of the strongest desires nature provides.”

Here at Fertility Source Companies we hear this question a lot… why not just adopt? All intended parents have different situations that determine the best fit for building their family. However, our intended parents are seeking surrogacy and/or egg donation to give reproduction another chance for them to create biological children (even if that means only half the genetic material belongs to the intended parents, and the other half from a donor). We found this article to be very helpful from the LGBT standpoint on surrogacy, and we hope that you do too!

From the article…

“What would you say to other gay people who are considering surrogacy?”

“Obviously, this is a personal decision, and very important to consider carefully. For us it has brought the greatest joy we could ever have imagined.”

“Marcus: Last month we met a man at the National Gallery in London with his two-year-old daughter. He came to one of the events three years earlier and following that decided he definitely wanted to have a family. Seeing him there with his two-year-old was great. It shows that gay people can have loving families if they wish.”

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