Team Baby!

Hello Families! As we head into spring, a time of growth and rebirth, the family bug might be nagging at some of you even more than usual. With school almost out and families starting to plan vacations we’ll be bombarded with more and more images of families together out and about town. Along with some of the reality of parental challenges for those of you that brave amusement parks during the summer months to see the frustration of family dynamics live and in person!


Some of these rewards and challenges can only be fully experienced once your little one arrives but some of the challenges can be avoided (so the rewards can have your full attention!) with a little bit of planning and lots of support from your “baby team.” Here’s some of the possible key players in your line-up  if you’re building your family through egg donation and/or surrogacy:


  • MVPs:
    • You (and possibly a partner)
    • Egg Donor (usually anonymous but obviously important as this person will contribute to the genetic makeup of your child)
    • Sperm Donor (again, usually anonymous but obviously important as in the case of your egg donor)
    • Surrogate (relationships vary from mostly logistical communication to an extended part of your family which is why it’s so important to find the perfect match between surrogate and intended parents)
    • Your fertility clinic (will be your main medical support up through conception)
    • You/Your Surrogates OB/GYN
    • Legal Counsel for you and also (individually) for other “MVPs”
    • Family, Friends, & Community
    • Your AGENCY! We’d like to think of ourselves kind of like team managers! We’re here to help you with “drafting the perfect players” for your team, setting up travel & logistics, and generally making sure that everyone is happy, communicating, and working out of the same playbook!
If you’re starting the process of building your “Baby Team” feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email! We’re happy to help you get started with any questions/concerns you might have. And if you’re ready to start drafting players already, we can set you up to look at all of our wonderful egg donors and/or surrogates!
Good luck! Let us know how we can help!


Traci Medeiros-Bagan
Fertility Source Companies Third Party Reproduction LGBT Coordinator

Traci’s academic background is in Gender Studies with a focus in Sexuality and her career background is in counseling and diversity education. She believes in the strength of families of choice and is passionate about offering affirming options for egg donation and/or surrogacy to the LGBT community looking to grow their families.