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Dodgeball and Donuts for Dads

It’s that time of the year when families with school aged children are in full swing of the new year, and event and conference season is upon us.  This brings up a lot of visibility and conversation, and often anxiety for families that can be seen as “non-traditional”.

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Parent’s Day: July 26

In the post-Mother’s Day and pre-Father’s Day hubbub, I’d like to give a little love to all of the parents out there. Raising kids isn’t easy…And every parent deserves more celebration than they could possibly get. For every dirty diaper cleaner, scraped knee kisser, nightmare fixer – We salute you. (as Nextfamily recently shared, the…

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Love is in the Air

Hello families looking to grow and Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re a single intended parent, a couple with big dreams to make two into three or a tribe looking to expand we know that this journey is filled with ups and downs! We hope that you’re taking care of each other and rejoicing in the…

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LGBT Parent Memoir

As you all have probably gathered – I love sharing stories.  Good stories especially.  There is so much negative media around LGBT parenting and it is beautiful for us to share our personal journeys, struggles and triumphs rather than letting the media tell “our stories.”

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Explaining 2 Dad Surrogacy

Need help with “the talk?” Whether you’re talking to each other, your children or your family this short 2 minute video is a simplified animated reflection of the surrogacy journey for two gay men.

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