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Pregnancy Photoessay: Modern Conception

As I sip my Sunday morning coffee, my partner sends through this article to me… An autostraddle “Photoessay: “Modern Conception” Perfectly Captures Queer Pregnancy, Features Michelle Tea.” Before I share about this article, as I may have previously noted – The term “queer” can be a trigger word for some, so I think it’s important…

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Resource Spotlight:

There are many different pieces to one’s family building journey. From the moment you decide to set forth on a pathway to parenthood there will be decisions to make: How? When? What help will we need? Where do we start? How will we pay for it?

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LGBT Health Publication

I recently made an awesome discovery that I want to share with you all – a peer reviewed, accessible series of journals all having to do with LGBT health.  These are hugely informative, recent and relevant articles without any awkward Huffington Post sensationalism – just what you want to know.  A lot of these journals…

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LGBT Friendly Birth Certificates

Support is rallying across California for AB-1951, a bill that would make birth certificates LGBT parent friendly.  The legislation would allow birth certificates to list “Name of parent” rather than “Mother” and “Father.”  Parents will be able to write their name and then select whether they are Mother, Father or Parent.  Not only does this…

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In Response To Dolce and Gabbana: All Families Have The Right To BE

Controversy has erupted over comments made in an interview by openly-gay fashion moguls Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana regarding the “classical” family. At this year’s Milan Fashion Week, the Italian designers revealed a celebration of motherhood featuring visibly pregnant or child-laden models. In the interview, Dolce and Gabbana stated “We oppose gay adoptions. The only…

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The Romance of Reproduction

Science, propelled by the desire of individuals and couples looking to grow their families, is taking us into an amazing new era of reproductive options. However, whenever you move forward, there are inevitably some things that get left behind. For heterosexual couples struggling with infertility there has always been a kind eye, sympathetic ear, and…

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