Pregnancy Photoessay: Modern Conception

As I sip my Sunday morning coffee, my partner sends through this article to me… An autostraddle “Photoessay: “Modern Conception” Perfectly Captures Queer Pregnancy, Features Michelle Tea.”

Before I share about this article, as I may have previously noted – The term “queer” can be a trigger word for some, so I think it’s important that I share the context in which I use it.  I am a person who identifies as queer of many things – gender, sexuality, personality and much more.  To me, queer is anything outside of the heteronormative, “traditional” ideas of success and family building.  The word “queer” has always been a way to be empowered to live outside of expectation – especially in the sense of family and love.

If you are a person that just doesn’t like “the Q word” because of the violent ways it’s been used in – I totally hear that and hope that you will read past that to enjoy the amazingness that is the story in this Photoessay.

This article is gritty, real, and honest.  The photo series and essay discuss expectations along the way and the romance of baby making and meeting, which is actually sometimes not so cute or simple.


I love hearing stories of family building, I love to share in the joy and happiness of growing families.  And I also really appreciate when we are able to move past the romance and allure of “perfect pregnancies” and “seamless conceptions” and admit the truth that life is messy sometimes.  Perhaps I focus too much on the challenges that come with parenting, but I feel it’s important to share that I don’t see these as exclusively LGBT challenges.  Yes, there are challenges which are unique to LGBT families, and when we are willing to look at the challenges, and not so fun aspects of life, but admit that it’s all still worthwhile and even fun – We set ourselves up for contentment and joy.

And if that’s not the point of parenting, I don’t know what is.


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