Supreme Court Takes on Gay Marriage

Wow.  The day has finally come – Well, that day actually came on Friday but like many of us I’ve been celebrating rather than writing about it.  Sorry to play catchup but I’m sure you all understand.

Drumroll please…..

The Supreme Court has taken up the case of same sex marriage at a federal level!

Taking cases from the Federal 6th Circuit (to include the states of Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, and Kentucky,)  the ruling made will likely (hopefully) completely decimate any final shreds of DOMA, addressing the 14 states that have yet to legalize same sex marriages.

If things go well, the inconsistencies throughout the nation will be remedied and parents and children can be recognized.

Parents will be able to bring their children into the world with fewer legal complications: For instance legal fees, home studies and background checks that come with adopting your child as a non-carrying parent in a dual female relationship.

Families will be able to travel through previously non-recognition states and have their relationships recognized – In the case of injury or sickness, families can concern themselves with addressing the need of the ailing person, not with proving their right to do so.


It is likely that I am preaching to the choir here, as families who have fought for rights, recognition and safety – This has been a big piece of the inequality pie.

We will be watching closely as this starts to filter through and keep you up to speed.  If you are one who enjoys the more in depth legal speak, there is a great article from a family law attorney in Jacksonville on this issue. Read it HERE.

So congrats all.

If you haven’t already…hug your partner, your kiddos, your dogs – whoever makes up your family in celebration of this conversation we have been waiting to have for far too long.


In solidarity,


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