I have to say…It has been a HUGE week for the LGBT community – Particularly in terms of same sex marriage reaching the SUPREME COURT.

It almost feels surreal to me – I remember that bittersweet moment in 2004 when we celebrated Massachusetts legalizing gay marriage and feeling some sort of tug about this being a state issue instead of a federal issue.  Where would we be today if slavery was determined a state issue?  And today, being at the precipice of decision – I have good faith that state bans of same sex marriage will be deemed unconstitutional…And I frankly am not ready to entertain other options.

I have been watching some of the news around this and wanted to air out a particularly challenging media piece I have stumbled upon.  Not surprising, James Dobson is rallying, organizing, protesting everything I believe in.  From same sex unions to Spongebob Squarepants – This guy and his team really like yucking my yum.  But this time, Dobson and other evangelical leaders and conservative politicians are standing up and threatening civil disobedience if things don’t go their way.  It is starting, and it is troubling.

I love a great debate, and people getting revved up about what they believe in is the cornerstone of democracy – But violence in response to marriage equality is not only not okay, it does not support any arguments of validity for the people that enact them.  May I once again commend the tech companies that have stood up against inequality?  In case you missed that one, read about it HERE.

In the end of it all, let’s not lose the celebration.  A victory has occurred that this issue is being heard.


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