Resource Spotlight: Esteban Molina – Surrogate Hypnotherapist

Fertility Source Companies had the chance to help put together Path to Parenthood: a free workshop for future dads. Several players in the reproductive community near and in San Diego, California presented their work and expertise to share resources and stories with one another.

One expert who we had the chance to talk with was Esteban Molina – certified clinical hypnotherapist and a certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner.  You might be wondering what hypnotherapy has to do with surrogacy and assisted reproduction – Or perhaps just wondering if the new blogger is a new age hippie.  But when we got to talking to Esteban, it became clear to me just how valuable this work is, especially for families utilizing assisted reproduction, and more specifically utilizing surrogacy.  We discussed the pressures put on surrogates, as well as the lack of connection from surrogate to child and how this can affect a child’s development.  While working with surrogates and other clients,  he focuses on assisting his clients in finding their inner light, experiencing balance and feeling a sense of overall well being.  Esteban currently specializes in hypnosis for fertility which has been proven to double the chances of achieving a pregnancy during IVF. He also works with pregnant women, using hypnosis and other energy psychology techniques with the  aim of alleviating their morning sickness symptoms,enhancing their levels of energy and tranquility. He also coaches pregnant women for childbirth, so they can experience a more comfortable birthing process at the same time creating a better environment for your newborn baby.  Supporting the health and well being of your surrogate, of course supports the pregnancy and well being of your baby to come.

Esteban has a background in Psychology from his native country, Colombia. He worked as a psychotherapist in a medical institution before moving to the United States, where he continued his studies in hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Energy Psychology. He has been working in the fertility field with intended parents, egg donors and surrogate mothers since 2009. Esteban has a deep understanding of the third-party-reproduction process, giving him the experience to effectively guide his clients through a smooth, stress free process.


Feel free to contact Esteban for a free initial consultation. He works from his office in San Diego, California or via Skype.


Skye Bigari

Fertility Source Companies LGBT blogger