5 Things You Need To Know To Be An Eligible Egg Donor

So, you’ve taken that first step and made the big decision to become an egg donor! This is an amazing, life-changing decision for you and the very lucky Intend Parent(s) you will be helping, so congratulations and thank you for helping these deserving families have a child! Before you take that next step of selecting an agency and completing your application, there are a few things you’ll need to know. These helpful tips are important for you to know before you commit so that you can go into the process with the knowledge of the process and a realistic view of what to expect.

1. Commitment – The first thing you need to know is that becoming an egg donor is a big commitment. These potential parents have likely been waiting a long time for a child and have struggled with infertility, disappointments and possibly even failed adoptions along the way. YOU are one of the people they will really be depending on in this journey. You will need to be fully committed to them and the process which means being flexible and available for appointments, taking your medications as directed and following through until the very end. They are counting on you and you are very much appreciated.

2. Physical Health – Egg donors need to be physically healthy. You must be between the ages of 21 and 29 (although this may vary from one agency to another), have a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index – body fat based on height and weight) and be a non-smoker who does not use any drugs. Your health is very important in general, but especially for women wanting to donate.

3. Mental Health – A psychological screening (the agency will assist you with scheduling) will give us an accurate picture of your mental health and whether or not you are mentally and emotionally stable enough to donate. Again, this is a very big decision for women of any age. Whether you’re just out of college and haven’t started thinking about kids, or a full-time Mom with a career, we want to make sure you have been made aware of what you are committing to and also what a special and amazing journey this will be.

4. Education – All donors must have some college background. Whether you are enrolled in college and are currently attending or have completed college and earned your degree, this is a requirement for donation. It is also very helpful for the agency if you can get a copy of your transcripts and SAT score (not to mention, will definitely help you to be matched more quickly). Intended Parents are looking for a multitude of different characteristics and attributes and an education is usually at the top of their list!

5. Birth Control – Finally, donors must not be using the Mirena IUD, Depo Provera shot or implant birth control. Please plan to use another form of birth control and once you are matched, the clinic will instruct you on how to proceed with protecting yourself against pregnancy during your cycle. This is VERY important.

If you feel you meet this criteria and are also excited about helping someone build their family, it’s time to complete your application!! It’s women like you who help make the dream of having a child come true and you may never know how truly appreciated you are. Give yourself a big pat on the back and expect lots of hugs from friends and family members when you tell them you’ve applied to be a donor. Congratulations and good luck on your journey!!

Article composed by Fertility Source Companies Director of Operations-Northwest Region, April Alvarado