Moving Towards Intended Parent Leave

Our families come in all different shapes and sizes. Our LGBT families know better than anyone that gender can have very little to do with who provides nurturing and care-taking of a new child. Gender certainly doesn’t dictate how much we want children, how much we love our children, and certainly doesn’t make a difference in how much time we want to spend with them. Bringing us to the new topic of Intended Parent Leave.

We’re also all highly immersed in the work we do to care for our families and ourselves. Sometimes it’s out of passion for the work we’re doing outside of the home, sometimes it’s a functional piece to provide financially for those we love, and in a perfect world it’s a little of both. However, even when work does fall into this “best of both worlds” category, it’s not always easy to manage time in a way that feels like a good fit, and the “culture of work” in our country certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

With this in mind, we were especially moved by this article (link: on Huffington Post by Jeff Merkley who makes a plea that the FAMILY (Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act) include that, “every new parent in the U.S. has the opportunity to take paid time off of work when a new child is born,” rather than only covering our female parents carrying children. In this way parents, no matter what their gender is or how their family was conceived, need not choose between work and their children.

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