June 2015

Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality

So much has already been said about the recent Supreme Court Ruling, so I will simply say….

Congratulations – We are one step closer to true equality.

Now bask in the glory of it all. Enjoy the calm after a long fight and reinvigorate yourselves for the next steps that are surely to come. We are celebrating with you.

Fertility Source Companies LGBT Blog Maintained by Assistant LGBT Coordinator Skye Bigari
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#LoveWins with Marriage Equality for All

June 26, 2015 – The Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Marriage equality is deemed a constitutional right.

In a Time Magazine interview with Gabriel Blau, executive director of the Family Equality Council, we think he said it best with, “Around the country there are millions of Americans in families with LGBTQ parents. Before the decision, in 13 states, LGBTQ parents still could not get married. Today every couple has the opportunity to choose to get married if they want and to protect their children in a way that marriage can. One of the greatest things about this decision is that it provides a great deal of dignity to our families. Over and over we hear from children of LGBTQ parents of the lack of dignity and respect they often receive from people who treat their families as not real families because their parents aren’t married. Today that ends in this country once and for all.”

(Via http://time.com/3937543/gay-marriage-decision-lgbtq-families/)
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I Applied to be a Gestational Surrogate…and was Rejected?!

We often hear about the high demand for gestational surrogates, so when a woman makes that decision to put herself out there and be that person, she opens herself up and exposes herself to vulnerability. No one submits an application of any sorts hoping to be denied, you go into it with a sense of confidence and excitement and the anticipation of good news and proceeding forward.

But the unfortunate reality is that may not always be the case.
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Parent’s Day: July 26

In the post-Mother’s Day and pre-Father’s Day hubbub, I’d like to give a little love to all of the parents out there. Raising kids isn’t easy…And every parent deserves more celebration than they could possibly get. For every dirty diaper cleaner, scraped knee kisser, nightmare fixer – We salute you.

(as Nextfamily recently shared, the last Sunday in July is now officially “Parent’s Day.” Read about it HERE.)

Fertility Source Companies LGBT Blog Maintained by Assistant LGBT Coordinator Skye Bigari
Email him at: [email protected] (he, him, his)

Caption: Photo in Featured Image from Alexandra Temblador’s blog at thenextfamily.com


Surrogacy Match Meeting: How to Prepare

You have searched countless databases and read through numerous profiles hoping to find the one surrogate you connect with. The search is over and it is time to set up the match meeting. How do you prepare for that? Hopefully this will help you do just that.

The first thing I suggest is to read through her profile again but this time have a note pad with you. Jot down any questions that pop in your mind as you are reading. Even if you think they are silly, write it down anyway. Look for things that you both have in common to share with her, this will help calm everyone’s nerves and give something to talk about other than the “technical” things. You and your surrogate will have an opportunity to share a bit about your personal history at the start of the meeting and having something fun to share will ease tension and make the other topics a bit easier to discuss.
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Becoming a Surrogate Parent

When my wife asked me what I thought about having a baby for another couple who couldn’t have children on their own, I was reluctant at first. However, after hearing the stories of parents who were unable to have kids on their own, I became more open to surrogacy. As we moved forward, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew very little of the whole process as it were. But I quickly caught on to an amazing experience that has helped thousands of couples across the globe fulfill their dreams of having children.
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FSC Partner Spotlight: Fort Worth Fertility

Fort Worth Fertility has redefined fertility treatment since 2004. Founding physician Dr. Robert Kaufmann, together with Dr. Linda Elkins, created a legacy of excellence and a place where miracles begin. A leader in the field, Dr. Kaufmann has changed the landscape of reproductive medicine with his research contributions and academic leadership. His background as a clinical fertility specialist, along with caring staff and ancillary facilities, including a premiere IVF laboratory, affords Ft. Worth, Texas patients excellent care combined with a personalized approach.
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Fertility Source Companies’ New Website & Brand Refresh

The Donor Source International LLC (DBA Fertility Source Companies), egg donation and surrogacy agency, is pleased to announce the launch of its fully redesigned, mobile-responsive website http://www.FertilitySOURCECompanies.com. The new website features streamlined content on services provided to Intended Parents, including LGBT and International Intended Parents, in third party reproduction involving egg donation and surrogacy; as well as services in recruitment of egg donors and surrogate mothers.
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