#LoveWins with Marriage Equality for All

June 26, 2015 – The Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Marriage equality is deemed a constitutional right.

In a Time Magazine interview with Gabriel Blau, executive director of the Family Equality Council, we think he said it best with, “Around the country there are millions of Americans in families with LGBTQ parents. Before the decision, in 13 states, LGBTQ parents still could not get married. Today every couple has the opportunity to choose to get married if they want and to protect their children in a way that marriage can. One of the greatest things about this decision is that it provides a great deal of dignity to our families. Over and over we hear from children of LGBTQ parents of the lack of dignity and respect they often receive from people who treat their families as not real families because their parents aren’t married. Today that ends in this country once and for all.”

(Via http://time.com/3937543/gay-marriage-decision-lgbtq-families/)

Here at Fertility Source Companies, we couldn’t agree more with Gabriel Blau’s statement. Respect and dignity should apply to all families, because we know firsthand what the struggles are for some couples and individuals on their pathway to parenthood. Every family is different in its own dynamic and unique way, but all families are created with a foundation of love. That love should be honored in all relationships, and the Supreme Court’s decision affirms just that.

For children of LGBTQ parents, seeing the nation come together under one decision to honor marriage equality really creates a basis for education in terms of the word “family”. This is the first step in moving away from prejudices of being “different” in the family dynamic, and shows our children that families come in all shapes and sizes and it is now a part of our history in the United States. The sense of pride that our LGBTQ families hold dear can now exude from them into a society making leaps and bounds towards acceptance and mutual respect. This is a momentous day, definitely a day to relish in and celebrate the love we as a society share for one another, our children, and our families.

Article composed by Fertility Source Companies Internet Marketing Manager, Stephanie Warren