Becoming a Surrogate Parent

When my wife asked me what I thought about having a baby for another couple who couldn’t have children on their own, I was reluctant at first. However, after hearing the stories of parents who were unable to have kids on their own, I became more open to surrogacy. As we moved forward, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew very little of the whole process as it were. But I quickly caught on to an amazing experience that has helped thousands of couples across the globe fulfill their dreams of having children.

My wife loves being pregnant, but we are done having kids so it worked out for her because it satisfied her love for babies. We were just happy knowing that someone else would be able to complete their family.

The first few months were a bit challenging. For us, I think the injections were hardest at first, but as the months went on, things seemed to smooth out and it became much easier. Learning the best ways to do an injection, how to hold the skin, putting an icepack on the injection site beforehand. All the little tricks made it easier and easier as we moved forward.

After the transfer, my wife was on bed rest for 2 days so she stayed at a hotel near the clinic. Honestly, I think she enjoyed the quiet time alone, but my kids and I missed her.

As the months rolled along it became more and more real to us and our children what was happening. It was amazing that we were getting to experience this first hand. I felt lucky to be a part of the whole thing.

When the day came for my wife to go to the hospital, it was a little unreal because we knew that we weren’t coming home with a baby. We were not sad at all. We had worked through all our feelings before the experience began and were prepared for this. But somehow it was still unreal.

Seeing the new mother holding her child for the first time was amazing. She cried and held the baby. She stood rocking it back and forth, whispering quiet words in its ear. Words that I will never know, but I can imagine. My wife and I were privileged to hold the baby as well. Looking down at this tiny thing, I knew that this baby would be loved. I know what it is like to hold my own baby for the first time and I felt the love. I felt the love in the room that day when the new Mother held her baby. I knew then that we had made a good decision. A decision that helped a family grow.

Article Provided by Fertility Source Companies Senior Regional Manager-Southwest Region, Theresa Ferrara