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How do we decide on egg donation instead of adoption?

Adoption is a wonderful way for infertile couples or individuals to have a family. In fact, when I received my first diagnosis of premature ovarian failure I began the research on adoption. As I began my research I discovered that egg donation would allow me to carry and deliver a pregnancy as well as have…

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Resource Spotlight: OC Lavender Bar Association

Hello again, families looking to grow! We have another wonderful event in the Southern CA area to assist you on your pathway to parenthood! Fertility Source Companies is proud to partner with the Orange County Lavender Bar Association in September 19th @ 6pm.

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November is Adoption Awareness Month

Most Americans associate November with Thanksgiving, which incites feelings of  gratitude, and family gathering. What not everyone knows is that November is also adoption awareness month, and has been recognized as so since 1984. There is great media throughout the campaign month of adoption awareness and we wanted to pass on some helpful articles to get…

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