November is Adoption Awareness Month

Most Americans associate November with Thanksgiving, which incites feelings of  gratitude, and family gathering. What not everyone knows is that November is also adoption awareness month, and has been recognized as so since 1984. There is great media throughout the campaign month of adoption awareness and we wanted to pass on some helpful articles to get you started.

The Huffington Post published multiple articles in their Adoption Awareness Month feature as a part of their front page. The hope is to gain insight into adoption and educate the community about adoption and foster care options as a part of their parenting journey. There are also many articles that include the Do’s and Don’t’s of what to say to those adopting, and what to the say to those who are adopted into new families.

There is a beautiful video as a part of The Huffington Post’s “National Adoption Awareness Month: Hearing Voices of Loss” article that features adoptees talking about what adoption and adoption awareness month really means for them and for all adoptees. #flipthescript

This month is really all about valuing families. At Fertility Source Companies we value families of all shapes and sizes and every family is created in a unique way with it’s own story and journey. It’s a beautiful gift in life to share your life with others, whether that be friends, family, loved ones, children, or pets! We celebrate our FSC family of children born via egg donation and/or surrogacy all over the United States, all year long. But in month’s like Adoption Awareness Month we take the time to be thankful for all families of all types of adoption, and we carry over our thoughts and well wishes into the Thanksgiving holiday.