Pride and Progress

Trying to keep up with recent legal process impacting LGBTQ families today is no small feat – And I am immensely grateful for getting to watch it all unfold in this short span of time.

However recently, I’ve been quite struck by the dichotomy of progress and oppression.  My email inbox is littered with news both uplifting and heartbreaking.  Stories of bullying, suicide, regression, PAIN – along side stories of success, validation, safety, progress and JOY.  It can make a guy feel a little wonky while enjoying a morning cup of joe and trying to decide how to feel about the world before walking out into it.

So for today, I have one particular big “up” to share from the International Fertility Law Group.  Texas is making progress toward systematic legal recognition of families of choice and same sex parents in the recent movement to list two moms and two dads as an option on a child’s birth certificate.  Although this doesn’t solve problems of parental rights, it is a step toward legal recognition and an opening door for an important conversation.
How do we support families and children by honoring families of choice?
How does legal documentation support a cultural shift in recognizing validities of such families?

There will always be room to grow, and there is certainly room for gratitude today for all those babies being born of two parents who are able to proudly look upon a birth certificate naming BOTH parents.


In pride and celebration,

Skye Bigari is an educator, community organizer and regular contributor to Fertility Source Companies LGBT blog.

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