Preparing for Surrogacy: Tips for Future Surrogates

Surrogacy has made tremendous strides in popularity over the past few years and the demand for this third-party reproduction has grown exponentially. Couples who previously were not able to conceive on their own, as well as

Women who decide to become surrogates are often greatly inspired to pursue this path because of their immense sympathy for individuals and couples who are unable to achieve pregnancy on their own. Like any great adventure, becoming a surrogate requires preparation. If you have been thinking about becoming a surrogate, having time to visualize and plan out the next months will benefit you greatly. Here are some tips to prepare your body and mind for the road ahead.

Surrogate Application, Requirements, and Screening

Before filling out a surrogate application with a surrogacy agency, it’s important to know that there is a strict standard for who can qualify to be a surrogate. All surrogates must pass extensive medical and psychological examinations to ensure the candidate is at their top physical and mental health. Fertility clinics may have additional requirements and tests for applicants, but potential surrogates must at least meet the following qualifications:

  • Be 21-38 years of age
  • Have a BMI below 30
  • Have had at least one pregnancy that has lead to a live birth
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Have a stable, supportive home life
  • Be present at various checkups and appointments, and able to travel if necessary

After all the appointments, hoops, and bounds necessary to start on your path to surrogacy, you are finally certified! The next stage is for the surrogacy agency to match you with your intended parents. Learn more about the surrogacy process.

Stay Healthy

In the months leading up to the pregnancy stage of a surrogacy arrangement, it’s important to be mindful of your physical and mental health. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle is a wonderful way to prepare your body and mind for what comes next. Stay clear of alcohol as much as possible, and do not smoke or consume drugs. Regular exercise and activity will not only create a healthy environment for a baby to grow but will also help boost your mood and nurture positive lifestyle habits.

Get in Touch with Yourself

Your decision to choose surrogacy is an amazing one, but everything worth doing comes with potential challenges. You may be asked to share personal information with those outside your familial and social support circles or have conflicting emotions throughout the process. Although you may not be able to predict how every part of your surrogacy journey will go, taking time to reflect on who you are as a person will make the discomfort of some moments easier.

Reduce Stress

Now more than ever, you need to feel your best. Medically speaking, surrogacy is like any other pregnancy – you will experience changes in your body and mood quickly. It’s important to maintain a calm, positive environment for this new chapter of your life. Take maternity leave if you can, get a full night’s sleep every night, and make sure to lean on your support system if you feel you need help.

Enjoy the Journey

Surrogacy is a special journey that most people don’t have the opportunity to participate in – celebrate it! If you have questions about the process or would like to start on your road to surrogacy, contact Fertility Source Companies today.