How to survive the two week wait!

Regardless of whether you are carrying a pregnancy yourself or your gestational surrogate is carrying your baby for you the two week for a positive pregnancy result wait might as well be the two year wait! Everyone involved is always on pins and needles waiting!
Also, it doesn’t matter if this is your first two week wait or your fifth to manage it, to get through it, to survive you have to develop a strategy – better yet a system.

I know, I know, some might say – “Oh gosh it’s just two weeks out of your entire life” and my reply to that is – “Two weeks is a really long time to wait to find out something that is so incredibly important to you and your partner.”

There are lots of ways you can survive. Some create systems that are complicated with lots of rules. Some intended parents or gestational surrogates take fastidious notes regarding symptoms or lack of symptoms. Then many intended parents or their GS’s often POAS (Pee on a stick). That decision can be excruciating and it’s incredibly controversial. Many test early and often – I am an early tester. There is no way I want the nurse on the other end of the phone to be giving me the bad news – I want to already know it and get the ugly cry out of the way. Because we take so many drugs during this time we can drive ourselves nuts with symptoms and that’s a reason why some intended parents just don’t test and wait for the beta.

My first tip:

DISTRACT YOURSELF (Sung to Madonna’s Respect Yourself).

It doesn’t matter what the activity. Sort a sock drawer. Alphabetize and categorize your movie collection. Clean your silver. Clean your home and all of the closets. Keep your daily routine. Go to the gym if your doctor says yes. Start a new craft project. Play games. Organize anything you can get your hands on – (photo’s, books, CD,’s). Start a new book – something funny and light that can sail you through the next two weeks. Talk on the phone, call friends you haven’t talked to in a while but have been meaning to. Email all your friends.

What else –

• If you aren’t undergoing acupuncture go now it’s can’t hurt. Go for a long drive – go check out the part of town or the city or country you have been

• Listen to your favorite music or meditations on CD

• Read something light and funny

• Watch a video or go to the movies

• Chat on the phone, email all your friends

• Sit on a park bench and people-watch

• Make a list of things you’ve never seen in your town (stores or tourist sites you haven’t been to) and then go see them

• How about the zoo? Been there in a while?

• Museums are great time wasters.

• Start an online game –those can pass the time quickly.

• Walk a dog (yours, a friends, or volunteer at a local rescue)

• Get a pedicure

• Retail therapy – GO SHOPPING!

• Cooking! Make that dish you have been meaning to.

• Watch all of the past episodes of The Barefoot Contessa, Master Chef, or Hell’s Kitchen!

• For that matter go on a trash TV marathon!

• Invite a friend over for decaf coffee or tea. Serve fresh Pineapple for the fresh bromelain…

• Check out your local bookstore or library

• Research a place you’d like to vacation

Try going to brunch, or a picnic. How about a club that is smokeless? Garden, plant flowers, go sunbathing! You can always rough it and go camping, take in a lovely sunset, go to the beach—are you looking for a new church or synagogue? I know for me, ice cream makes everything better.

The ideas are endless – the message is, stay busy! And before you know it your beta test or your gestational surrogates beta test will be here.

And then you are on to your next milestone! The first ultrasound!
Hang in there – we are by the sidelines cheering you on!